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Greetings everyone! I am so glad to have stumbled upon WA. It's clear to see there's something uniquely special being offered here. I look forward to





Can you suggest a reliable free website traffic tool?

Can you suggest a reliable free website traffic tool?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

This would be to check basic stats such as monthly visits, average pages per visit, bounce rate.


how about Google analyses /tools found them on Google analyses web sites those lot of them to check out too maybe it's litter techy for some of you to try inters way you can always check them out

Hey John,

This sounds like a job for Google Analytics.
Here's a free tutorial: https://youtu.be/braJCJhfwQU

Thank you, Trish. Much appreciated : )

https://statcounter.com/ is a really great free tool - it gives you tons of data - from entry points to link activity - just to name a few

Thank you, Leo.
Greatly appreciated.

This appears to be a counter that requires installation on the website. I was actually looking for a tool to check competitors sites. Thanks

Ok mis-understood - for that all the ones I know of are not free

No problem... http://Statcounter.com is a good find.

Please share if you have a paid one that stands out.

Thanks again

This is all in Google Analytics, explained in lessons.

I am aware of Google Analytics which I use... I am trying to find reliable stats for websites other than my own.

I should have asked for a tool... "Other thank Google Analytics"


I have only tried semrush and it gives 7 times more traffic in my sites, just to know if somebody suggests it, it is useless.

I used semrush myself and the free trial is over. It found the info very helpful.... and closer to Google than the other free stuff I found such as SEO Quack.... So I've not yet found another free tool that I can trust. Thanks for your feedback... all the best.

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How to find members by their actual name?

How to find members by their actual name?

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Getting Started

Can you search members if you know their real name? If not, what about searching for people by their profile names? Thanks!

You cannot search for people using their real names but you can search for people by their user names. Just type their user name in the search bar at the top center of every screen at WA.

Thank you, Robert.

You are welcome.

The only member search is by user name, not real name. If you enter the at sign (@) character first in the WA search bar, a list of potential member name matches appears. (see below)

It also seems that dashes in user names aren't handled particularly well. I needed to use a space rather than the dash to get your user name to appear.

Thank You Bob! All the best.

Hi John,
I don't believe you can find someone here by searching their real name unless they use it as their user name.

Otherwise, if you know their user name just type it in the WA search bar up at the top of each page here and a drop down listing will show up in which you can find them.

Hope that helps some...
Best wishes :) ~Sherry

Thank you Sherry : -) All the best!

Hey there,

I would also like to know the answer to this...hopefully someone out there will get back to you...



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Which domain name? military.gift or usmiliary.gifts?

Which domain name? military.gift or usmiliary.gifts?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Your suggestions and reasoning would be greatly appreciated. I've not done the research but usmilitary.gifts is slightly longer tail... Thanks in advance!

I admit th

To be completely honest, I would never spend that much for a domain, if it is not my brand name.
I haven't checked any of those names for availability, but how about:

Domains with .com are still the most common and trusted domains (in the US), as far as I know.

Since you don't have a brand name yet, I would go for a cheaper version.
Additionally, your domain is not the most important thing in your business.
Your content is way more important.


Thank you Moritz,

I agree, it;s a lot of money for a domain... the names you suggested were on my list but not available.

I do understand the value of .COM domains... .NET and ORG as well. Not always available... and the .GIFT and .GIFTS are particularly appropriate for this product niche.

All the best,

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