8 years at WA - Just rented my 3rd office.

Last Update: July 14, 2016

Hey everyone,

So I joined WA way back in 2008 when the place looked a lot different than it does right now. I have been a "come and go" member ever since.

I became a full time IM'er in 2012 and took off to live in Thailand where I rented an office on the Island of Koh Lanta. I then went to Phuket and had an office there too.

I came back to Ireland 1 year ago to buy a house and settle a little bit as I am turning 30 next month.

I just rented my 3rd office space just outside Galway city.

My business model is product creation and affiliate marketing mostly through my eMail list which is at 15k active subscribers now.

I am doing rank and rent SEO and will be starting affiliate SEO too soon once I build out my PBN.

Just wanted to give you all an update. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help out.


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dpanic63 Premium
Hellos Fergal

Great to meet you and you are living my end result of being in Thailand and working from my laptop business

Have added you to my network and will look forward to staying in touch

Much more success in 2019


Glad to see you back

Cheers from Canada

newmarketpro Premium
Hi Fergal,
I can see your doing well with your business.
So you are doing rank and SEO job for your clients or is it by subscription?

Bald Eagle Premium
Congratulations - seems like you have done well.
I am also one of the originals here and also come and go - mainly go.
Are PBNs still working? I thought Google had made them a thing of the past.
marycmiller Premium
8 years ago were you at a beginner level and you learned all this over 8 years, or did you have a certain knowledge to begin with. Your post contains terms that I don't quite understand and just wonder if that comes with training. Thanks for sharing, it is definetly a goal to strive for.
AffilateMAN Premium
Supper, thanks for sharing more success to you
DW66 Premium
IvyT Premium
Hi Fergal, thanks for the update! So how much of your learning journey and current business practices do you attribute to your experience with WA?
JIllW Premium
I have read a lot of info on getting a email list but I still do not have one can you help me?
SteveCrozza Premium
I have been here about 2 yrs and I too don't have an email list. Currently creating a membership website to try to build one. Contact me if you are interested to see how I am doing it.
tka321 Premium
What an inspiration! Just shows what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Thanks for sharing.
WTucker1 Premium
congrats I love to hear success stories
mybiz4u Premium
Awesome F
WTucker1 Premium
fantastic. always love to hear success stories. inspiring
kdforsman Premium
wow, good on you! Thailand is an interesting place for you to set up shop, particularly if you're from Ireland - was the climate and heat difficult to adjust to?
AMYSE Premium
Great ! Charged up!
DMcCalister Premium
Congrats! Happy Birthday too. G
vhHayley Premium
Really encouraging! I look forward to seeing where I will be myself when I'm at my 8 year mark with Wealthy Affiliate!
dhicks35 Premium
Congratulations on your accomplishments! There is no place like home :). What is rent SEO? That is a new term for me.
WTucker1 Premium
what a great success story and you're still very young CONGRATS I'm envious
ALFRED5230 Premium
Great success, more of that coming soon
texasprinces Premium
awesome!! I would like to know more about how you achieved all of this!!
BobbyCorno Premium
I appreciate the encouraging share!
alanoneill Premium
'The globe' is your home. Congratulations Fergal.
maguirem2008 Premium
Hi Fergal
Nice to meet another Irish person in WA
I am just South of you in Limerick.
Paul1916 Premium
Good man Fergal, great to see another Irishman here, there isn't too many of us. Great picture and fair play to you with what you have accomplished. I'm in the West of Ireland also, best of luck to ya
MargyK Premium
Excellent! I wish you continued success.

work4nobody Premium
Good to know there is successfully stores at WA. Thanks for sharing.
suea Premium
Hi Fergal. Sounds great. Used to live in Galway as my husband is from there. Great place, enjoy!
Hope to be doing as well as you some day soon. Best of luck!
CsongorK Premium
All this with the help of wa?
roamy Premium
Really motivating, l hope to some day write the same post.That day seem so far away but im not giving up.Cheers
relaxedhands Premium
whats rank and rent SEO? Whats PBN? I cant understand the message content.
Gerlinde Premium
Hi Fergal! You're doing great! Well done...
And Galway is very nice.... nice pubs! ;-)
Cheers, Gerlinde
Siren23 Premium
Thanks and welcome back. Always great to see someone who is living the dream!
Lilika84 Premium
Thanks for sharing and inspiring :)
Ralljr Premium
Thanks for sharing, hard work and determination always pays off, the key in life is follow thru and sticking with it.
Best wishes to you.
NWTDennis Premium
Are you renting office space because you now have staff working in the business and needed a central meeting place to facilitate daily interaction?
SteveCrozza Premium
Hi Fergal,

I've been here a short time now and I haven't seen you before (I don't think) anyway, good informative update and good luck. Steve
marcand Premium
I've been doing local search SEO for businesses for almost four years now. Rank and rent model is attractive. Maybe we can swap stories sometime. :)
SteveOlan Premium
Wow that's cool... thnaks for sharing.
NemiraB Premium
Thanks for sharing. I wonder why so many humans are attracted to Thailand? Anyway, your story is inspiring, all the best:)
DaveSw Premium
Hey Fergal!

It sounds like things are going well for you! Congrats on what you have accomplished to now! Thailand is a wonderful place to start and start cheap! Ireland has the better beer (that is all relative I guess!).

BTW, I have a pretty strong connection to Thailand as well...We have a warehouse operation about 30 KM outside of Bangkok from which we support our eCommerce stores and our Amazon product sales to Asia addresses from...

Completely understand you migrating back to the EU (Ireland) however...As beautiful as Thailand is, and the many nice things that you find there...

Personally, after more than 40 years parking in Germany while raising a family and using it as a base, I have not given up that long and strong connection to this day...

Regarding business, we also have a second warehouse in Bavaria that supports our EU area sales, Plus there is the friends, and business partners, etc...

The beer is pretty good there too, BTW!

Cheers and best of luck going forward! 8 years is a lifetime in the internet world! Keep it up!!

Dave : ).
Die10 Premium
Hi Fergal,

Nice.....not that far away:-)
Dublin here.
IncomeCoach Premium
Nice to hear from you :D
AriefWibowo Premium
That is an amazing accomplishment.
IncomeCoach Premium
Thanks mate
You have a year and almost a month on me! You are probably one of the earliest people to join my Buddy List! If I had joined the first time I saw WA (which I would have if I had the money!) you would have had only about six months on me!

WA has come a long, long way hasn't it? Yet though different, it's got the same community, the same objectives and the same pay-it-forward philosophy.

It always puts a spark in my heart when people like yourself pop up like you have :)

I've had my best days at WA but I'm hoping this isn't it. I was very active but that dropped way off. I felt it was my time to go the way most people go and disappear. Sometimes I have mixed feelings about that, lean one way and then lean the other.

Today I am involved in too many projects that have taken me away from online marketing, but I stay here because these things are not going to go on forever.

About half way through my stay here, I wrote an article that hit just at the right time and place! I was doing launch jacking and BAM! I began getting sale after sale! I was never ever able to repeat that again, but it showed me the potential. I have never lost that.

Even after being inactive here and in my campaigns now for well over a year, the income has dwindled, but it has never stopped and since those days, I have never had a month without WA income!

August 2016 will be no different! It has been how I've been able to stay here all along. I'm hoping this scenario will become life-support in place of the intensely physically-laborious earned income that I have fallen back into.

Just having you suddenly appear here today, showing us what's been going on with your business, is incredibly encouraging to me!

Daniel Euergetes
IncomeCoach Premium
Thanks buddy. Keep up the hard work :)
jvranjes Premium
You too guys are real dinosaurs. I can imagine the number of faces you have seen here.

Do you remember by any chance what the number was in the Kyle's followers list when you came?
Anewcreature Premium
Congrats to you my friend and I hope nothing less than the best for you always
JudeP Premium
All the best Fergal :)