Progress Update: December 2018

Last Update: December 28, 2018

Hows it going everyone, I hope you all are enjoying a great holiday season both with sales and lots of joy outside of work!

Anyways, here we are at the end of 2018, making me a WA member for the last 2 years and 4 months, wow time flies.. I created a few new sites this year, worked on my current ones and went back to college to work on my Occupational Entreprenuership degree, with great grades by the way.

My plans are to be an internet millionaire but whats better than having money, and an education prooving your dedicated to making money? Little insider to those who haven't heard from me before, one of my site is WhoDoesntLoveMoney, hehe. I plan to have lots of businesses in the real world that can't fail due to online income, but mostly because I'm going to be a damn good business owner, but that is all in the long run! I'm a dreamer but "where the mind goes the body follows."

Alright, Alright, Alright, Back To The Present.

My main focus mostly this whole year was figuring out social media, I have a Facebook page for WhoDoesntLoveMoney and NerfGunRUs, I have discovered a few little tricks and found out where to spend money and where to spend less. I have big plans for the next year with promoting WhoDoesntLoveMoney to boost my WA referrals, I Want To Go To Vegas! I know if I would have stuck more to reviews and comparing to WA, I might have done better this year, but that wasn't my main focus, money will come as long as I keep making progress.

I created a site called WatchesForFashion and I'm promoting entirely through instagram, I'm hoping to build a huge following if possible, I'm a little skepitical becuase I'm using editied Amazon images but there is no monetization except for the Amazon links within my site along with my Affiliate Disclaimer, so hoping I don't receive any negative emails from the sellers on Amazon, I'm just promtoting their watches. But I won't be surprised if I get some kind of emails from the sellers, I plan to settle any of that when I recieve an email.

Now for my big money maker! ;)

NerfGunRUs has a Facebook page with currently 111 Likes and an Instagram Page that I need to improve but that has 22 followers. For traffic, I recieve 85-300 people a day on my actual site, here is the last 30 days.

Not the greatest bounce rate or session time but I plan on improving on that.

This amount of traffic still adds up in ad revenue, pennies vs dollars but pennies are still a way to measure progress and eventually those pennies will be dollars!

Here is my adsense revenue for the year:

Add a few more zeros and we can start bragging, haha. This is just proof that anyone can make money online, it just depends if you give up or not before you see all your hardwork pay off.

For Amazon sales, toys are only 3% which kinds of sucks but just means I have to sell more! But one cool thing that happened last week... I sold a robotic vaccum for $200 and I received $16 from that sale, so 8% is wayyyyy better! They also bought a Nerf Gun, but that is why I like Amazon Associates, anything you sell earns you commission.

Heres The Last 30 Days:

Those numbers are something I'm proud of! When I started... Just Like Everyone Else... My clicks, sales and earnings were all zero!

Here Is For The Whole Year:

So overall, I am happy with where I sit today, I plan to know more tomorrow than I did today and improve what I can to become more successful!

I'm not sure what else I should include, so if you have any other questions, feel free to throw them in the comment section!

Awesome, I hope I can inspire some new members and start competing with the Big Dawgs in the next year!

Look Out, I'm Heading To The Top! See You There!

Thanks For Reading,

Helpful Member At Wealthy Affiliate

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StPaul Premium
Congrats and happy for you!
Huffman Premium
Thanks Paul! :)
MiaL Premium Plus
Those are great big audacious goals and I am sure you'll achieve them. Congratulations on all your achievements so far!
Huffman Premium
Thanks Melissa! Lots of hard work planned to meet those goals! Best wishes with you for the new year! :)
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Good luck
Huffman Premium
Thanks Jerry!!! :)
Tirolith Premium
We all want money.
I only want what money can buy.
It is only the means to your needs in life.
My dreams for life need a positive attitude to learn how to earn the money to fulfill my dreams.
WA is the pathway and foundation of the internet future.
Your attitude is the fertilizer of your future growth.
Huffman Premium
WA has shown me a lot and inspired me to look deeper into business. Figuring out how to live without having to worry where an income will come from is why I want to be the boss and always know where my future is heading. My dreams, my life, and the all to the people that help me get there!

I hope you spend your money on awesome things you can buy with it!

Thanks Tom!
ExpatMark Premium
We all are after those extra zeroes. Good luck in 2019! Robotic vacuums are going to keep getting bigger and more popular Walmart is about to start using them. Guess they need to watch their bottom line.

Huffman Premium
Thanks Mark, best of luck to you too in the new year! Robotic Vacuums might be the next big niche! ;)