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December 06, 2019
How's everyone doing this Holiday Season? I hope you're doing well and working hard on your sites; while enjoying family and friends. The holidays are great for getting together and spreading holiday cheer; but they are also great for us affiliate marketers. Every year the total number of gifts purchased online rise, increasing sales while paying out more commission to affiliates. If you are a veteran online, you already know this. If you are a beginner, you should have some idea of this, but o
Hello everyone. I have put a few trainings together for anyone, experienced or brand new, to get a little more familiar with Amazon Associates. There are litterally thousands of products to promote through alone. With the right training and proper platform, you can be making any commission amounts you work towards. By the way, WA is the proper platform to succeed and below are some very important trainings associated with making money with Affiliate Programs
December 28, 2018
Hows it going everyone, I hope you all are enjoying a great holiday season both with sales and lots of joy outside of work!Anyways, here we are at the end of 2018, making me a WA member for the last 2 years and 4 months, wow time flies.. I created a few new sites this year, worked on my current ones and went back to college to work on my Occupational Entreprenuership degree, with great grades by the way.My plans are to be an internet millionaire but whats better than having money, and an educat
Hows it going, I just thought I would bring up a quick issue I found when using the WA mobile app.I hope to inspire a more user freindly app for all the Wealthy Affiliate users in the future. I started using the Weatlhy Affiliate App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Google Play. I commented on a few posts and answered a couple questions...Overall, I have two main complaints for the way the current mobile app works now...Having To Log In Each Time At The Bottom If I Click Back To The Home Screen
Hows it going everyone, been a while since I have been fully active here in the community, I still check in and answer PMs and profile messages, when I started this, I never thought I would be the guy people ask for help (Ask Away!), but anyways I have still been working on this millionaire dream of mine, but I've been expanding my foundation.So, the main point most people come to Wealthy Affiliate is to make money and that is always my main thought, any idea that gets thrown my way gets my ini
March 25, 2018
Hows it going everyone, I have been adding new reviews every week to my Nerf Gun website, kind of neglecting the WA Super Affiliate Challenge, but Im still working on that too, ideas don't stop running through my head... Its a blessing and a curse! ;)But, anyways, here we are in March 2018, a year after starting my Niche Website in the niche of Nerf Guns, I never really had any big plans for this site but all ideas start small and now I have a pretty cool Nerf Gun website with 70 Nerf Gun revi
Hows it going WA community?! I've been here with Wealthy Affiliate since August 2016, I've built 3 affiliate websites, 1 local restaurant's website, learned a massive amount of info about the internet and marketing in general, and helped/been helped/met a great group of people. In this process, I can now successfully say I am followed by 3000 Wealthy Affiliate Members. Its no Kyle status, but I'm working on it! ;)To Everyone That Has Helped Me... Thank You!To Anyone That I Have Helped... Glad I
January 10, 2018
Just wanted to throw a quick update to anyone that follows my progress. I'm not a millionaire yet, but I took my bounce rate from 75% down to 23% on think I'm starting to get the hang of this website stuff! ;) I have ads on my site that are earning me some revenue everyday, not much about $0.25 a day, but its a start. SiteSupport told me about some server issue after I told them about a huge drop in traffic, but my traffic is climbing back up, I'm improving my reviews everyday
December 27, 2017
Yup... Been hanging around too long without catching much profit and it finally happened. now has... Ads.Over the last 9 months I have constructed a pretty good niche site in the area of Nerf Guns, I actually didn't really know anything prior to creating my site, I learned as I went. Anyways, over the last 9 months, I have started to acquire quite a bit of visitors to my site that are hanging around for a bit and Google is giving, my posts to more and more people everyday.. Yeste
December 22, 2017
On my newest website,, I started it about 8 months ago, I write Nerf Gun Reviews, I found a niche and build a pretty cool website (I think its pretty cool). I never had high hopes for this website until I started putting effort into it each day for about 3 months with constant updates and fixes and still more to come!The Wealthy Affiliate training works, they teach you to build a website, get traffic and sell items related to your niche.Here are my latest analytics and Amazon Sal