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Hi, I thought it was really time to update this profile as I have now been in WA since 2012. I am still mostly (!) retired (for the fifth time). We are still living in Cyprus and are still enjoying it. In my career in the corporate world I have been fortunate and priveliged enough to live in 15 different countries and to have worked in many more. My background is Project Management and Banking Systems and Operations, coaching and mentoring.
I really enjoy helping people so if I can help you at any time just let me know.
This WA experience has been great throughout my whole time here and I cannot recommend it enough. I am still continuing to build my business going forward - note the positive approach, the only real way forward!!
I also recently started to produce on-line training in my area of Project Management - well some parts of this very broad area anyway, and am really enjoying doing this. Hopefully as I get better at this I will be able to contribute training to the community here.
Building a business even with WA training needs hard work on your part to be successful but the buzz when you actually make it work is phenomenal, so go for it!!
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solda50 Premium
Nice to hear from you. I'm a firm believer in the positive approach also.
ia Premium
Hi Hudson, thanks for the follow and for the offer of help =)
fenxx Premium
Hi Hudson. Thanks for the follow! I checked out your sites and they are clean with lots of white space. Looking good. Are you getting conversions yet?
Hudson Premium
Hi there, thanks for your kind words. Conversions have been slow to date, but one site only started in February so not really expecting too much yet. Plan on increasing pages substantially in line with boot camp routine. So let's see what happens then. Always saw this as a long term project, and it's only 12 months on a 3 to 4 hour day so far,
fenxx Premium
@Hudson Sounds like you are on the right path. I look forward to hearing more about your progress.
Destinylight Premium
Nice to meet you :)
Hello there. Thank you for following me. Nice to meet you :)