My Twenty Third Task: $50,000 a Month Case Study

Last Update: March 25, 2019


I'm just here for a minute to give you some updates on my Case Study site. Yes, I thought I'd jump back in the community tonight for a bit to enlighten you on how and what I'm doing.

As you know, I have stepped up my writing game and have written a lot of HOW TOs and Reviews. But lately, I began writing Best Of posts. I thought, "Why not?" I got the idea from Dylan's recent post and went with it.

Website Sold for $30,000

He just sold his website for $30,000, so I figured I will stick to his theory like glue! Think of when I get this site to my goal of 50 grand a month, how much it will be worth! LOL. Seriously, I AM going to make it happen, no matter how long it takes me!

My first Best Of post was 3,297 words and compares Apple's best MacBooks.


About a year ago, I had a difficult experience with Amazon. But, time heals all wounds, and now I am once again an Amazon Affiliate! So, with my first Best Of post, I included links to the newest and most innovative Mac computers. I am hoping to make some sales on Amazon with the various links I'm using throughout my site. I know I can, because I was making really great sales before!

I've made sure I read and implemented every detail of their terms and conditions to the tee! This includes adding the affiliate disclosure they list in their policies to each page that has links, and to my sidebar.


I am also doing Best Of posts for Dell's top models and all the other laptop companies that Amazon displays--HP, Acer, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc. Then, I'll jump into tablets.

Since I am highly promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I feel that to do a business like affiliate marketing, everyone needs a computer and helpful tools to succeed online. So, these posts and products totally coincide with my website!


Yes, I'll be writing Best Of posts from now on, centering around different tools helpful for an online business--cell phones, video cameras, YouTube vlogging cameras, video camcorders, etc. See where I'm going with this?! Plus, the new tablets now have Alexa built in!

Displaying trendy and new digital products, I feel, is the way I want to take my site right now. I've upped my research with every little thing I'm promoting, and feel confident in taking my writing skills to a whole new level with this new knowledge!


So, with this new Best Of writing venture, besides working in Jaaxy and with SEO, I am getting the word out through Pinterest---on a much greater scale. Even with my current in-depth knowledge of Pinterest, I've turned it up a notch and am studying the "science" behind it. I am also joining more groups and centering my Pins around my Best Of posts, as well as my HOW TOs and Reviews. From this current Pinterest research, I wrote a post on my site called: How To Make Pinterest Your Full Time Job. (I just thought I'd throw that one in!)


If I get chosen to do the upcoming Super Affiliate Challenge beginning on April 1st, it will be the icing on the cake that I will need to really step things up to the end of this Case Study. At any rate, I can feel some great success coming!

Even though it takes so dang long for the whole process of building a valuable website--that will allow you to find the financial freedom you are working toward, just know that each and every step is progress. You are inching toward that final goal, so please keep going and growing!

I thank you so much for following me as I continue these tasks! Feel free to "like" and chime in below with any comments or questions!

Until next month,

Erin :)!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a Personal Case Study to prove to myself whether or not it is obtainable to earn a large income, as much as $50,000 per month in only a year's time. (A case study analyzes research over a period of time.) This Personal Case Study has not been proven as of yet, and will prove in time whether or not it can be accomplished. I will seek the possibility of the subject matter.

FURTHERMORE: The leaders of Wealthy Affiliate have given their consent to this Personal Case Study with regard to adhering to the WA standards, rules, regulations and guidelines. This is under no circumstance a "how to" study, as it is not a proven method. It is not a training, as it is pure speculation and has not been proven. This is my own personal study to prove, whether or not, this task can or cannot be accomplished.

THIS PERSONAL CASE STUDY IS WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON SINGULAR. It includes my own thoughts and speculations. Therefore, the following content lists the tasks I will take to venture through my study. I welcome you all to follow along and make it your choice whether or not you would like to join in these tasks with me. I am very hopeful and excited to pursue this one-year journey, and to invite others to either observe as an onlooker or to become a participant.

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TommyVTE Premium
Thanks for another great motivational post. Plus I learned a few things that I can use also. I will check your blog about Pinterest 😉
Have a great day
herinnelson Premium
Glad to help you out, Tommy! Not sure if you will see my blog, as I haven't disclosed my site yet. All the best to you!

Erin :)!
jjrieck Premium
Hi Erin. This will be a very interesting study and I am anxious to see the results. My whole work history is in computers and that is what my website is all about but I have been wondering whether I should abandon it for something else that more people are interesting in. Reading your post has given me hope to continue along my current route. Good luck in your quest and I wish you great success.
herinnelson Premium
Hello, Jean and nice to connect! I'm glad my post could give you some encouragement with your current site--to go on and make it the best it can be!

Erin :)!
Johnpavich Premium
Wow ! Erin please don't have a nervous break down in the process !

Also there are so many variables whose to say we will be able to copy or succeed in the same way ?

Very interesting keep up the good work and kyle just might pick u !
herinnelson Premium
Ha, ha, John! I'll try not to! LOL! Yes, we all have our own way of doing things, but I always follow guidelines--some of which I have listed in my Tasks. All the best to you, my friend! I would be honored if I were to be chosen!

Erin :)!
Johnpavich Premium
Here's hoping :-)
mcknisu Premium
Best wishes in achieving your goal to complete the case study and then in to The Super Affiliate Challenge. Your words are inspiring! I too am working hard to get as much training done so that I am prepared for the Super Affiliate Challenge!! I am so excited!
herinnelson Premium
Thanks for your best wishes, Susan! xo The Challenge begins on Monday! WOW!

Erin :)!
JaneMahlehle Premium
Hey Erin,
Thanks once again for the inspiration!
You are awesome 👏 ❤️
herinnelson Premium
Awww, thanks so much, Jane! xo

Erin :)!
JaneMahlehle Premium
You are welcome dear 😃