My First Task: $50,000 a Month Case Study

Last Update: May 25, 2018

This is my journey to reach my goal of $50,000 per month. This is not official training and it's not a how-to tutorial, it's my journey on route to my personal goal!


I am super excited at the positive response from the community over my Personal intense Case Study! Yesterday morning, it was a mere inkling, and now it is a reality that has astounded me!

All I did was click on "BLOG at WA" and began to think of what I'd like to write about. In the spur of the moment, I got an idea, that "What if I could delegate a way to earn a great deal by simply studying the process." Then it hit me.. I would do a Personal Case Study and have others follow along, if they so choose to do so.

Before I begin with some important insight, I would like to make it be known of the



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a Personal Case Study to prove to myself whether or not it is obtainable to earn a large income, as much as $50,000 per month in only a year's time. (A case study analyzes research over a period of time.) This Personal Case Study has not been proven as of yet, and will prove in time whether or not it can be accomplished. I will seek the possibility of the subject matter.

FURTHERMORE: The leaders of Wealthy Affiliate have given their consent to this Personal Case Study with regard to adhering to the WA standards, rules, regulations and guidelines. This is under no circumstance a "how to" study, as it is not a proven method. It is not a training, as it is pure speculation and has not been proven. This is my own personal study to prove, whether or not, this task can or cannot be accomplished.

THIS PERSONAL CASE STUDY IS WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON SINGULAR. It includes my own thoughts and speculations. Therefore, the following content lists the tasks I will take to venture through my study. I welcome you all to follow along and make it your choice whether or not you would like to join in these tasks with me. I am very hopeful and excited to pursue this one-year journey, and to invite others to either observe as an onlooker or to become a participant.

With that said, let us begin with the TASKS:

1. I will buy a domain. (This is not to promote or influence readers in any way, but is the action I am personally taking.) I am using Jaaxy to research the keywords. I will choose wisely a name that will draw intense attention.(Please Note: Participants: You may use an existing domain/website.)

I purchased a domain for my Case Study site today, as I will implement my thoughts there, as well---drawing outside interest to my study, and making this really explode with possibly even more WA potential members and input! (NOTE: I will be writing all new content for my website and will not be duplicating what I write here).

2. I will set a goal--- for 1 year---for any possible extraordinary earnings from my site.

Comment below with what you want your goal to be for this project. Relate in a personal fashion, what you think would completely change your lifestyle and would allow you to live freely.

3. I will choose a WordPress theme that will be simple, yet effective in my quest. Choosing a theme that will compliment my website is what I want.

(I chose Publishable Mag. It has a certain style and capabilities that I will need to post blogs with "Read More" links and a simple, user-friendly layout.)

4. I will add time to research my niche and get familiar with it's ins and outs. The more I come to know about it, the more ideas I will develop for my content.

5. I will make a list of 10 topics that I would like to apply to my blog's content. I will really make this count! I won't force the ideas, but simply and genuinely let them flow to me as I think of the whole picture I would like to put out to the WORLD!

(Contemplate all the good that each blog topic will serve. Make it an essential treasure of your site!)

(Move from beyond yourself and perform as an excited guest visiting your site for the first time; desperate for some real guidance! If you go beyond the ten topics, that's okay. You may be adding more later on, anyway.)

6. I will write my content. This will take the most time throughout the year. I will spend at least 2-5 hours on each article within my blog, (remembering about Content Marketing). Each piece will be 1,000 - 2,000 words, in order for my blog to be a very explicit blog on the internet.

(NOTE: There was much concern about my 2,000 words guideline. Let's call it my wavering guideline, shall we?! I made it to compel you to your greatest potential. However, it may be at least 1,000 words---with respect to the CONTENT MARKETING IDEAS! Make each and every word written stimulating and intriguing. Talk with personality and make it exciting so your audience will be back for more!)

Writing high-quality content will take a great deal of effort and is a vital part of my "study!" I will Google the heck out of my niche and take notes! I will also cut and paste important facts onto a document to later reword and use in my write-ups.


I will stop here for now and will be checking back throughout the week.

Steps 7, 8 and 9 will come later. (Building Social Media, sharing on Social Media and seeing how it is succeeding.)

(Alright, now comes the fun part! This is where you delve into your artistic self and let all your emotions, past knowledge, studying, personality, growth and style come alive! If you don't think you have it in you, think again! There will be no room for negativity! You are capable of more than you will ever know!)

I will be developing a FaceBook group that you all may join. I will post it on my wall under FOLLOW ME ON---and will let you know when I do so.

This group is going to be amazing! I will be inviting WA members as well as outside money dwellers! Stay tuned for more greatness in the days ahead! Be blessed!

Erin :)!


  • I will choose a niche, search Jaaxy and buy a domain.
  • I will set a year goal that I would personally like to accomplish (You may post yours below).
  • I will choose a WordPress Theme.
  • I will research my niche.
  • I will make a list of 10 topics for my blogs.
  • I will write my first blog post of 1,000 to 2,000 words.



Erin :)!

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Marlinda1 Premium
I will join too! I agree 10000% where u talk about everyone's potential. Thanks for the encouragement and challenge. I have a site I have been meaning to get started. I have the domain but that's it, lol! $50k/mo in a year seems mind blowing but it's a challenge right? So I'm in!

Does that include affiliate only earnings or we can include our own product creation too?
herinnelson Premium
That's great, Marlinda! (Pretty name!) Yes, this is strictly a Case Study Challenge to up your current income to a much higher potential. Your earnings may include any thoughts you have going forward. All the best to you!
THuggans Premium
For this project I want my goal to be this:
-I want my confidence level to go from 60% (which is what it is now) to 100% when this case study is over.
-I want to reach my goal of the 300 sales within my full year of being with WA.
-I want to generate at least $5k-$10k a month from both my travel blog and my affiliate website.
-I want to gain trust of others confidently of those who are hard workers and have been taken advantage by others through the internet and help them see there is hope and freedom available.
herinnelson Premium
A Fantastic set of goals, Traci!! You really took the time to think them out and ponder over them--the first step to achieving your end result! I will be posting mine soon. :)!
THuggans Premium
Thank you! I am very serious and fully committed! I appreciate you taking the time to do this study as it gives me further inspiration to do the affiliate bootcamp course!
herinnelson Premium
Hi Traci!! Going through Bootcamp will boost this effort! I am reliving it a second time! Happy to have you join in!
neilc Premium
I had set an income goal for the year but that went out of the window LOL.

My Bootcamp blog is now 7 months old and it's only getting around 40/visitors per day.

So it's really difficult to determine when the blog will actually take off, thus making it difficult to set an awesome income goal within a 12-month period.

All I can do is set small income targets for the next 5 months and hope they are reached.

Unfortunately, Google is in charge of our traffic. The only thing we control is the "work" part.

herinnelson Premium
Precisely, Neil! Hang in there---it will get better! There is no right or wrong goal. We each set our own, so any goal you have is great! Keep adding quality content to it!
neilc Premium
Only time will tell, as they say.

I guess the quicker we work at adding great content to begin with, the more it helps for the long term :)
herinnelson Premium
True, but at the same time, be thorough with what you're writing. Sometimes, when I'm inspired, I write as fast as the thoughts come and before I know it, my blog is complete---ready for the edits!
Ricargon Premium
Very nice Erin. I'm surprised it was so short a post or I was just so intrigued by your post that I expected more. LoL!

I guess it's working when you said "Make each and every word written stimulating and intriguing. Talk with personality and make it exciting so your audience will be back for more!"

You're obviously applying what you preach. I want more.

I'll be looking out for it.

herinnelson Premium
Awesome, Rick! Ha ha! ...and I was thinking it was too long! I love doing this and will take it to the end with energy, discipline and integrity---resulting in success! So glad to have you here pulling for this!
Ricargon Premium
I was about to go to bed and now you got my adrenaline going, dang it!

I'll have to force myself to sleep. This stuff is too good. Thanks for sharing it. I'll have lots to read tomorrow now.

herinnelson Premium
Nighty night, Rick! Ha ha! It's awesome going to sleep with positive thoughts of accomplishment! :)!
Genelda Premium
Oops, I wanted to add in setting a goal of 50k a month and it would help me pay off some debt, get a new house, and travel abroad for once in my life. That would make me happy and content, and to be satisfied with myself for making it happen!
herinnelson Premium
I love your positive mindset and goal! I do believe it will happen. After all, you have just planted the seeds and they'll now take root! Happy to have you here!