My Twenty Second Task: $50,000 a Month Case Study

Last Update: February 21, 2019


Gotta love the double digits! In progressing on with my Case Study website, I have been practicing viral writing of Reviews, HOW TOs, BEST OFs, Empowering Posts and Various Articles relating to the world of Affiliate Marketing----every in and out of it!

I took on a new strategy in the process, in order to create some more conversions. I wrote a 3,254 word post of the Ten Top Affiliate Marketing Companies (my picks) so that I could join the ones I'm not affiliated with, and use the products and services from each to promote on my site. However, 3 didn't have a referral program, so I didn't join those.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. ClickFunnels
  3. ShareASale/Awin
  4. JVZoo
  5. ClickBank
  6. VigLink
  7. Rakuten
  8. MaxBounty
  9. CJ Affiliate
  10. SkimLinks


(See what I mean! This post alone is 1,195 words! Wait, with this line, that makes it 1,212!)

I have been far exceeding the amount of words on several of my posts, (you should hear me talk in person!) getting so wrapped up in them and not paying much attention to the word counts. Just today, I finished an elaborate 2,862 word post about how to get more traffic to your website. On this post, I promoted ClickFunnels, GetResponse, SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy and my MMO Guide. You can see how I've been implementing program referrals within my related posts. Well, I wanted to cover every angle!


To not appear spammy, I create my own banner ads that are clean and concise, with great titles. I do this for every program I promote, adding each within posts and to my sidebar. Visitors are more inclined to click when they appear professional!


For each post I have written, I Pin all the images on Pinterest, linking them to my posts and writing unique content. I also share each one on Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook (Both on my business pages and personal page).


I have upped my game on ClickFunnels, too, joining their Affiliate Bootcamp and promoting their products on my site. I wrote a 1,614 word post about the best conversion landing pages and centered it around Russell Brunson's books and Affiliate Bootcamp, promoting his links.


I also promoted the referral program for GetResponse in a couple posts, which is the platform I use to create my email campaigns, automations and some landing pages. I made a banner ad and added it to my sidebar, as well.


So, I promote all the programs I use, and center all of them around the posts I write. This generates so many ideas on what to write! After each post, I work diligently on the SEO and Keyword Phrases for each using Jaaxy and doing research. This process has become so repetitious, that I sometimes feel like I'm in an assembly line!


My main promotion is Wealthy Affiliate, of course, and I mainly promote it using my MMO Guide, in order to build my email list in the process. I have linked my Guide to several posts, on the sidebar and in the Main Menu under both Start Here and Site Info. When people click on it, they are re-directed to my landing page where they opt-in as an email subscriber. This sends them an 8-day email ONLINE TRAINING SERIES that includes my MMO Guide and ONLINE TRAINING BOOK (as a bonus)---all free for opting in!


Seeing that I have only a little over 3 months left in this Case Study, I have been working tirelessly and with much constant effort to pull in more conversions. I have belief that this whole process can draw much income.

However, I feel like I'm building a condo

and not a website!

In my last Task Post, it was all about writing my MMO Guide, setting up the email campaign that went along with it and writing all 8 days of detailed emails. Plus, I created a catchy landing page with content relating to my MMO Guide, Online Training Book and email Online Training Series. I also stepped way outside my comfort zone writing constant posts to my website.


Due to this work and my current workload, I have resorted in writing one Task post per month, coming down to the wire. This lack of community participation has booted me clear out of Ambassadorship, but I must keep up this pace on my site a few months longer.

I trust everyone is well and happy. Until next month, happy writing!

Erin :)!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a Personal Case Study to prove to myself whether or not it is obtainable to earn a large income, as much as $50,000 per month in only a year's time. (A case study analyzes research over a period of time.) This Personal Case Study has not been proven as of yet, and will prove in time whether or not it can be accomplished. I will seek the possibility of the subject matter.

FURTHERMORE: The leaders of Wealthy Affiliate have given their consent to this Personal Case Study with regard to adhering to the WA standards, rules, regulations and guidelines. This is under no circumstance a "how to" study, as it is not a proven method. It is not a training, as it is pure speculation and has not been proven. This is my own personal study to prove, whether or not, this task can or cannot be accomplished.

THIS PERSONAL CASE STUDY IS WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON SINGULAR. It includes my own thoughts and speculations. Therefore, the following content lists the tasks I will take to venture through my study. I welcome you all to follow along and make it your choice whether or not you would like to join in these tasks with me. I am very hopeful and excited to pursue this one-year journey, and to invite others to either observe as an onlooker or to become a participant.

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TommyVTE Premium
Thanks for sharing and by reading your post picking up what I can implement for myself.

Have a great day
herinnelson Premium
Wonderful, Tommy! Enjoy and so happy you came by!

Erin :)!
TheAdvisor Premium
You're doing an incredible job from the look of it, pretty impressive considering that you must me a busy body multitasking with ideas spewing creatively from that mind of yours, pretty awesome!

I hope you do accomplish that goal because nothing would make us more satisfied than seeing you prove that even this is possible!

You're missed Erin, looking forward to your next post!

Stay Shining!
herinnelson Premium
Awwww, thanks, Jose! I love your optimism! It encourages me! So happy to connect with you, my new friend!

Erin :)!
jillxyz Premium
Hello Wonder Woman. You amaze and dazzle me. Cheers AJ
herinnelson Premium
Hee, hee, AJ! I'm glad I amaze and dazzle someone! You are so sweet, my dear!

Erin :)!
nudge1969 Premium
Awesome Erin.
Roughly how many article/review posts have you done? Has Google given you a boost yet? I understand this happens between 8-12 months.
Great job, keep at it.
herinnelson Premium
Inching toward 100, Nigel. Slow, but sure! It's been 9 months since I started it, so we'll see! Google is tough!

Erin :)!
nudge1969 Premium
Thanks Erin.
Just curious because I started an MMO site not long after you, 7 months ago today actually. I have 90 posts and understand that it will take at least another couple of months, and many more articles to get that boost.
herinnelson Premium
Yes, I know. Just keep plugging away, my friend!
SnazzyIT Premium
Miss you too Erin but it sounds like you are doing very well, keep it up and remember to update when can :)
herinnelson Premium
Hi llaisaane! I will be around now and then. Thanks for coming by and I appreciate your kindness and encouraging thoughts!

Erin :)!