My Fifth Task: $50,000 a Month Case Study

Last Update: May 29, 2018


Hello and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend---and for those of you who celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, I hope you had a nice long weekend!


My weekend was very humbling, as I honored my Father, C. Darrell Conley, who served in the United States Army, and my Uncle, Hamilton Mero, who also served. I stood up in church as the Pastor called on those whose loved ones served and are no longer with us. I proudly stood for my Dad and Uncle with great tears of pride in my eyes.


The weekend was also a time to prepare for my daughter and her fiance's "Jack and Jill" wedding shower next weekend. There is going to be a huge picnic with over 100 guests at a nearby park. My sister and nephew will be staying with us. I am making both macaroni and potato salad enough for 100 people and a big watermelon basket filled with fruit. The wedding is in August!


I did all my yardwork, weeding, planting flowers, placing my American flags along the front of my home while Tony mowed the lawn. Things are shaping up!


The following week, I will be taking a much needed vacation with my sister to ARUBA--a nice getaway for the two of us for some quality bonding time!

However, over the next two weeks, I will do my best to continue working on my site, as it is essential to my Personal Case Study!


  • I edited and added the Affiliate Disclosure (Disclosure Compliance) as referenced in SiteContent.
  • I began to rewrite my previous Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy Reviews, making them useable for my new site.
  • I worked on the keywords for each.


  • I will complete my Reviews and research keywords and keyword phrases.
  • I will review and edit my work so far, perfecting it to my specifications.
  • I will write and publish my next blog post in SiteContent, "When Passion Meets Triumph," doing the routine of the keywords and SEO. I will also choose related images and create alt tags (description added to the image's html tags).

I hope you all have a fabulous week! Look for my next blog post, My Six Task, soon!


Erin :)!

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My Fourth Task: $50,000 a Month Case Study.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a Personal Case Study to prove to myself whether or not it is obtainable to earn a large income, as much as $50,000 per month in only a year's time. (A case study analyzes research over a period of time.) This Personal Case Study has not been proven as of yet, and will prove in time whether or not it can be accomplished. I will seek the possibility of the subject matter.

FURTHERMORE: The leaders of Wealthy Affiliate have given their consent to this Personal Case Study with regard to adhering to the WA standards, rules, regulations and guidelines. This is under no circumstance a "how to" study, as it is not a proven method. It is not a training, as it is pure speculation and has not been proven. This is my own personal study to prove, whether or not, this task can or cannot be accomplished.

THIS PERSONAL CASE STUDY IS WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON SINGULAR. It includes my own thoughts and speculations. Therefore, the following content lists the tasks I will take to venture through my study. I welcome you all to follow along and make it your choice whether or not you would like to join in these tasks with me. I am very hopeful and excited to pursue this one-year journey, and to invite others to either observe as an onlooker or to become a participant.

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dchapman3 Premium
I love the way you are holding yourself to account for your progress. Thanks and look forward to the progress to be made.
herinnelson Premium
Thanks, Don! It's all about having a game plan! I can see the whole project coming together with my vision for it. :)!
MKearns Premium
What a great energized schedule Erin!
herinnelson Premium
Thanks, Mike! Ha ha! I am fitting a lot into each day! Phew! :)!
verazhelvis Premium
I admire your passion and dedication, Erin. Wonderful that you can squeeze it all- flowers, holiday, enjoying the sun...

Here's my geranium which is now in blossom...I grew it from the seed.:)
mattmike Premium Plus
Beautiful, Deanna
verazhelvis Premium
herinnelson Premium
Thanks, dear Vera! Wow! Your Geranium is gorgeous! I planted some red ones in some planters today and put them around my porches and yard! Doing more planting and cleaning tomorrow in between web work (it is actually my break time from web work--haha! :)!
verazhelvis Premium
Sounds so enticing-lol- "break time from web work"...Hope one day I will come to it, too...
Have a fabulous day!:))
herinnelson Premium
Yes, we all need a break! Enjoy your day, as well!
verazhelvis Premium
And this is my rose I grew myself, too. Don't I have green fingers? LOL If I don't become a good blogger, I can become a gardener...:-)
Neb4412 Premium
Hey great going glad you had a good time we celebrate our remembrance different times to you over here in uk but I don't go as can't cope with crowds have a good week I got plenty to do this week so having fun now with my classroom work here at wa Ian lol anyway you take care speak soon.

Best regards
herinnelson Premium
Interesting, Nick! The UK must be beautiful! Enjoy your WA work and the rest of the week!
Joes946 Premium
Great post Erin. You're enjoying the journey!
herinnelson Premium
Yes, I most certainly am, Joe! :)!