Am I Crazy or Is This Business Fun!

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People whom I socialize with can't figure out my excited spirit when it comes to business talk. They are trudging around complaining about their long, drawn out day. Not me! I'm wondering why the time goes so quickly! A minute becomes an hour---an hour becomes a day---a day becomes a week---a week becomes a month---and a month becomes a year---all in a matter of seconds! Ain't it the truth!

I've always said that:


Excitement is a DIRECT LINK to motivation! When you enjoy what you do, you are doing what you enjoy! You choose your profession because you love it! How many can really say that? Not many these days, unless, of course, they are Wealthy Affiliate members!

Do what you love and love what you do. It's as simple as that! Make the most of each moment that is climbing rapidly toward your success!

And as for the others who are sick and tired of being sick and tired---offer them the opportunity, whether they take you up on it or not. They are the ones missing out on WA and on life!

Erin :)!

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Yes, you're crazy and yes it's fun! I agree with Heidi here who talks about her 9-5. I have done that - I've done everything, in fact, from driving a cab to you-name-it. I have more in common with heavy rescue guys (I watch 'em on reality show) than with the buttoned-up types. You'll see them being disgorged in the hundreds from office buildings downtown, in their black suits and their gray pallor...

Sorry, I'm getting carried away. I don't want to insult anyone, of course. These are just my feelings. I have worked in offices and I couldn't take it. Lots of backbiting and intrigues, etc., but that's just me.

It's the way a good chunk of the world is, though. Glad you're here now!



I was only saying this yesterday. At my 9-5 job by 3pm my eyes are tired, I’m sick of looking at my computer screen and I can’t string two words together.

I come home, feed my horses, get dinner then sit down to work on my site. It might be 9pm but I’m wide awake, my mind is racing with ideas for content, where to do the research, how to fix a little layout issue etc..

My niche is my passion and it’s never a chore to work on my site, as you say there are just not enough hours in the day.

I’d love to be doing this full time, and eventually I will, but for now I need to be realistic.

BUT one day in the not to distant future my passion will be my profession, I know it.

I know it, too, Heidi! Your determination sets you apart from the rest of the world! I used to have horses when I was a kid. Very important job, too! Thanks for all your great input!

Yes, I agree with you Erin!!

Here it is late morning, I slept in (but I was up late: midnight), I am just about to Keurig my second cup of coffee, I am responding to business and WA emails, and my commute was only 15 feet. LOL

Next I am off to manage my business and create more ways to further my income.

Yes, I love my life as a business owner, entrepenuer, and master of my time, not someone else doing that.

Why, because like Erin, I love what I do! It's not work but rather a passion, so not really work at all! Do we "work" a lot? Yes we do, but becasue we like to, not because we have to.

Thanks Erin for bringing that up!!

Your excellent words are so compelling and strong! I love our commute! lol. Nice analogy! We are blessed!

I totally agree with you. I love building websites and everything that goes with it. I can talk business for hours.
In fact, It's almost like a hobby to me. I can sit for hours doing keyword research and putting them to good use, maybe it's the challenge? I'm not sure,but someday I might even make money at it. hahaha
But that day better hurry, cause I ain't getting any younger!
And because of all of this, I'm not even a bad 2 finger typer!
I do love it here at WA though.
As far as you being crazy, hmmm. hahahaha
I don't know you well enough to make that determination!!
Just Kidding.


Ha ha, Kenny! I look forward to your replies! I'm not so crazy, having friends like you!

Hello Erin,
For me the helpfulnes of every member boosts me on a daily basis. I open my email and see all those comments coming from friends I have gained by being an affiliate in WA. What is there not to enjoy. We wouldn't stay here if we didn't love it, or at least I wouldn't.


I am happy to be here, too, Derek! Your words are spoken very joyously! Nice image!

Thank you Erin


For me it is both. When I open WA site and start on it, i become so much indulged that I forget about everything. Even if I am tired beyond measures I become so much lost that I will discover myself back.only after a while. I find myself asking the same question - AM I CRAZY OR AM I ENJOYING THE WA?

You need to stick to the job you intended at the beginning until it is done.

I agree, I feel excited to learn new things but at the same time, learning and implementing new strategies take time and work. So it’s both for me: work and fun!

Ha ha---you, too?! It's a great kind of indulgence!

It's called being in 'the zone'. Time has no meaning. Tracy

Yes, I'm in that zone!

Something went wrong there. I bought a kitchen timer and set it for 45 minutes. I then have a 25 minute break where I do some house work. I found myself switching the timer off, so I moved it to the other side other side of the room, so I have to get up from my chair to switch it off. Then I think,,, while I'm up I will get [add any number of small necessary tasks that need to be done] and then I will get back to my computer for another 45 minutes.
My unit has never been so clean!

Ha ha! A great routine, indeed! I should use a timer. Instead, I have no constraining time limits. I do housework and feed the cats, of course, but have no plans during the week for anything else--unless they come up. You're so funny!

I love what I do and the time just flies past. I usually don't get to bed until three am (but that's okay, I don't get up till eleven! Hey, I'm retired!)
The point I would like some feedback on, however, is the promotion of WA on your website. As my thinking has developed, having looked at some other WA members websites, I tend to cringe when I see a link to WA on a site with a completely different focus all together.
My own sense is that if I was going to promote WA it would be on a website dedicated to a topic where such a promotion fitted.
Wha' cha reckin...? (A little bit of strine (Aussie Slang) there for you)

Hopefully this helps:

I reckin that if you're promoting WA, you can use banners like I do to also promote SiteRubix, Jaaxy and maybe lead companies, like I'm involved with. They all most certainly relate. Adding Adsense ads may be good, too.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote ! For me, advertising WA on a website dedicated to another niche entirely is a bit like saying ..."I'm really more interested in making money by getting you to buy things than I am in solving your particular problem"
I know it sounds a bit harsh and I don't wish to offend anyone who is advertising WA on their sites but I do recommend they read your training and seriously consider the points you raise. Now I'm off to see how I can incorporate WA into my About Me page!

Hmmm, I look at it totally different. As I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I am drawing people to the best opportunity of a lifetime and it's helping them, as it has helped me! Then, when they get involved, I help them within the community! It's amazing and a win-win for everyone!

Hi Erin, love your enthusiasm! I wish you could sit next to me just for a day while I blog and try to motivate people such as you do.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a part of this network, I'm starting to see the results, the days can be long and not so fruitful in the beginning. But, success does not come easy, and my thoughts are; I am truly happy looking at the palm trees swaying in the breeze,as I reach for my trusty laptop and do what makes ME feel successful and content.

I let the hustle and bustle of the world just melt away...
Thanks for the uplift this morning!

Best wishes,


Hi Kris! I could perfectly see the image you are portraying! You have a true writer's mind!---palm trees swaying in the breeze!---Nice! I'll be in Aruba in a few weeks and am looking forward to getting away to a tropical island paradise!

Reading my blogs is the next best thing to being there, I guess! :)! I like to think I am there in spirit! Thanks for the compelling words of wisdom!

Yup, doing anything that you really love doing is soul work for sure. The awesome thing that I love about this business besides writing blog posts to help people is the fact that you can just wake up in the morning and see money generating from a computer screen.

It truly is a fascinating thing that I just can't seem to get my head around. If you know what you love and it isn't a strain and struggle to work on your website, this is easily the best job in the world.

There is nothing better than freedom and time to do whatever you want. I can't wait to travel the world whilst making money on the internet. Will be a real dream come true


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