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Ppc campaigns for product reviews a bad idea?

Ppc campaigns for product reviews a bad idea?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Hi there, I have seen several posts in WA about PPC campaigns but I wanted to know if they are worth doing for affiliate reviews. For example, posts regarding the best refridge

I did PPC ads for Bing. I was able to get alot of traffic and some conversions. Following the training, Kyle recommends sending traffic to review posts, so it's a good idea. It works. The keywords are fairly cheap in comparison to others and you can get a high quality score, so you can get traffic for very low.

You want to be careful with match types. I tried experimenting with broad match versus exact match and so on. I wasn't getting traffic until I added broad match modifiers, but I'm sure my traffic would have converted better if I used exact match.

Keep in mind, not everyone will convert. I found that it's best to have $300+ to spend consistently because you may not get the results you want the first time around. You also want to be careful with making clear how PPC will fit into your entire list of business expenses. Is it a higher priority than other potential expenses that could be components in your lead generation system? Can you expect the highest ROI from driving PPC traffic or are there other investments that could pan out better?

When considering the last two questions I asked you, I decided to go back to PPC after I have all of my organic methods in place: social media automation, email marketing, and tools to make organic traffic efficient, then invest into PPC.

Hopefully that helps.

yeah, it feels a bit like gambling to be honest haha. I don't want to spend much because I'm broke but I would like to try out a small amount like $10 or something. Do you know where I can find kyles video on PPC campaigns for product reviews?

It's in the affiliate bootcamp. You'd need more than $10 for PPC.

Okay, fair enough. If you don't mind me asking though, what products were you promoting?Like were they physical products or online courses because I think online courses are appropriate but i dont know

You can check out my main business site at www.kohainc.org. I promote lifestyle improvement by B2B pairing and B2C pairing as a media company. The site I blog on most is www.howtoentrepreneur.org. I sell referrals, advertising, custom promo products, marketing services, and internet marketing training (WA).

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I deleted webpages in the past, what can I do?

I deleted webpages in the past, what can I do?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi there, I know it isn't a good idea to delete content but back then, I didn't know better.

How can I fix this and make sure Google search console know about it?


It it was a while ago, I wouldn't worry about it. 404's don't hurt your SEO in small numbers.

If you don't have pages for relevant redirects, I'd just mark the errors as "fixed" in Search Console and be done with it.

If you have links pointing to these non-existent pages, I would recreate them then do a redirect.

yeah, the only problem is that there were quite a few of them. However, I have redirected them and found an alternative for almost all of them so hopefully it will be okay.

Hey Josh, these 2 trainings can help you out.

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If you stop blogging, will your traffic decrease?

If you stop blogging, will your traffic decrease?

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Authoring & Writing Content

*Disclaimer: I am not thinking about giving up on my website or stopping blogging for good. This question is out of pure curiosity based on other people's experiences*


Google ranking will always remain though grading may vary from time to time and as regards adverse impact on traffic if blogging stops I think this can happen as ranking needs blogging to work on.

That's a great question but not something I'm ready to do yet simply because I'm not established.

Tried and True


Interesting question Josh.
I am not surprise that you got different answers for question like this because there are a few factors that would influence that answer. If your site is already ranked and it is still relevant to Google based on the searches received, your site would definitely still attract visitors regardless the time frame.

However, I feel maintenance is a website through consistently posting new content is essential to keep the ranking.

My opinion.


Yeah, there is someone who runs an entire business on just creating new niche sites. He literally makes one, adds 30 articles to it and then never posts on it again. Surprisingly, he still earns a good passive income from each of them.

Everything that I have ever seen on the subject basically states that content posted with regularity is more important than the frequency of such content for established sites. In other words if you post every two weeks or every two days is not as important as the fact that it is every X period of time so that people and spiders can know when to expect new content. Again, that is for established sites.

If you decide to experiment with this (not posting) you could be our test case ;-) I know that I wouldn't want to try it on my site....

Haha, technically I am trying this but I am not abandoning posting completely. Instead of posting new articles everyday, I'm going to start posting one every week or two.

It would seem quite pointless to me for the content that you have published to be lost that easily if you don't update your website for a while.

Who knows though lol !

Sounds like your plan matches with everything that I've read.

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