Coming out - My Secret Life as an Affiliate Marketer

Last Update: June 19, 2018

After reading a couple of posts yesterday (or was it this morning?) I find it quite intriguing that many of those who commented have not told anyone about their "secret life" as an affiliate marketer.

If you missed the blogs you can check them out here:

It seems we are either worried about the response, or can't be bothered to explain it and are content to stay in the closet so to speak.

I started to tell close friends about my new career path back in March, after I had checked out WA for a few weeks just to be sure I wasn't being scammed. Once I had decided I was committed to this course of action, to become a successful online entrepreneur, so I could eventually give up my day job, I was excited.

In my experience most peoples eyes just glazed over and they tutted things like "oh yeah sounds interesting", but I could tell by their tone they actually weren't interested (I'm astute like that!).

So I stopped telling anyone.

I had discussed it with my other half, and explained it was a long term course of action, and that I would be spending about $400 AUS to commit for a year to really give it my all and see what happens.

He could feel my enthusiasm and being the supportive fella that he is, said "ïf anyone can do it, it's you". Plus secretly I think he started trawling vintage car websites in anticipation of spending our new-found wealth.

So I find it quite disheartening to read from members that their husbands/wives are either not interested or worse downright negative about our choice to pursue an online career.

For any of you experiencing this I say good on you for persevering in the face of adversary.


We don't need to come out of the closet, we just need to prove them wrong, and do it in the most spectacular fashion.

Let's show the world (and those closest to us) that we can be wildly successful and live the life of our dreams.

Here's too many more success stories created here at WA.

I look forward to reading yours and sharing mine.

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Mlindstrom51 Premium
Agree with you 100%,! Its satisfying to show people that you can and are doing well! Besides, there are to many negative minded people who, do not take charge of their own dreams. All the more reason to stay focused and succeed.
HeidiY Premium
Yes indeed, staying the course will see us succeed, and achieve our dreams.
Memorylaneuk Premium
Yes it is very sad that people in our lives are not that supportive. It’s not that mine are not supportive but the subject doesn’t really interest them other than my niece who is a blogger.
I just accept that if I were a dentist they would be bored if I talked about that too much too. If they went on and on about their jobs I too may be bored.
Our enthusiasm is not always shared by others.
With Grace and Gratitude
HeidiY Premium
Absolutely Karen, I can see while my other half is very supportive, he really isn't interested in SEO, google rankings and external links lol, even when I tell him so enthusiastically.

I feel we are the lucky ones, even though I do get the "have you made any money yet" questions he is at least understanding that it takes a while.
MKearns Premium
You ought to affiliate link your post Heidi!
davehayes Premium
Absolutely, great reply Mike
HeidiY Premium
And I just might do that Mike, my new MMO site is ticking along and I have linked back to one of mine and one another members blog already.

It's a great tool that affiliate link :) Now just need some people to click on one and sign up.
davehayes Premium
Great advice from Mike, Nice!
phakacha8 Premium
Awesome post Heidi,
Your secret bits of acts will overturn your neighbours' amazement one fine day.

To your SUCCESS.
HeidiY Premium
And to your success phakacha, may we all achieve the levels of success we aim for.
SachiKashi Premium
What a great observation! Great post!
HeidiY Premium
Thanks for the comment Sachi, most aprpeciated