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My mind has been in quite a spin lately as I consider taking my business in a whole new direction. So why is this a disaster and why is it Kyle and Jay's fault?I have been mulling over and then setting aside this major decision for quite some months now. Wondering if I truly have what it takes. I've tried to push down the thoughts. To quell the rising excitement mixed with a good dose of anxiety as I sway between action and indecision. Why A Disaster?If I jump and go with my new vision it will
Guys I am on a fact finding mission today and would ask for your help if you have a few minutes. I am feeling the need to rework my niche and clarify exactly who and what my target audience actually want.I think I have become too caught up in what I think people want rather than trying to address real problems that other affiliate marketers have, particularly those new to the business.If you are happy to share could you answer the following questions - all, or one, or some ... what ever takes y
Yeah baby it's finally happened! I am so freakin' excited I really can't put it into words. This is not about the $8 it is PROOF that I am online to success!I have read all the success stories, I am a relatively intelligent person so I can see that Wealthy Affiliate works ... for those who work it. But like most newbies to affiliate marketing and WA I always questioned whether " I " had what it takes to make it work. There is always a nagging doubt that:My copy isn't good enough, my titles aren
So while I was searching for keywords I came across the one in the title. Which did give me bit of a giggle, cause I think it's pretty obvious to become a woman entrepreneur you well kinda have to be a woman. I just can't see what the difference is apart from that LOL.So what really is an Entrepreneur - male or female? says: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”Anyway back to the story
April 21, 2019
What Horses Have Taught MeThere is a saying in the horse world - Take the time it takes so it takes less time.Basically it just means do it right the first time and take as long as you need to ensure you have set solid foundations for your horse. Take the time it takes to get it right and you won't have to go back and re-teach what you half-a$$ed the first time.This works for horses, affiliate marketing and for life in general. I know I have been guilty of it, in fact I am a serial offender in
April 14, 2019
I'd like to introduce you to our Irish Wolfhound Murphy. Due to Murphy's inherent nature, sheer physical size and his upbringing Murphy doesn't move for anyone.He has never been trodden on and he doesn't believe he ever will be. His is quite confident in his assertion that this will never happen - because it never has. That's a baby Murphy before he turned into an 85kg speed bump.Murphy will lay directly in front of doorways, in walkways and hallways and generally anywhere he pleases. And we ke
Some of you might know, if you are there at the same time, that I start every morning with a coffee and a sit down in The Lounge (Live Chat). I have made great friends and valued colleagues in Live Chat over the past 12 months. There seems to be a core group of members who frequent at around the same times. I have gotten to know some of them very well, we talk about or offline lives and what's going on with us, as well as how our businesses are going and help answer any questions members have.I
Having been accepted into the Super Affiliate Challenge and witnessing Showolf's spectacular success with her crack team of squirrels I thought it prudent to assemble my own Special Forces to assist with the Challenge.After setting my traps and waiting 24 hours it became evident that trying to source local squirrels was proving quite futile. Time was ticking and I needed to see some action.So I widened my search and tracked down Knowledge Squirrel's second cousin in the US. He quickly advised,
OK so the title is very much tongue-in-cheek but it is official I have my first full paying client for my Local SEO business. My very first professional meeting last night with a new client and we have agreed on a new website and also to straighten out their social media marketing. My first client is a local transport & earthworks business.To say I was nervous about the meeting would be an understatement. It felt like everything for my future in this business was riding on me doing a good j
Following my last blog Pay Per Click With Bing - How Did I Do? I said I would do an update as time passed and share any further developments with the referrals I got.Results so far from the 1st CampaignWell from the 1st campaign, resulting in 90 Starter referrals, I still have no Premium referrals.Yep a big fat ZERO!It is now more than 5 weeks since my first referral from the PPC campaign joined (Feb 13th) I would have thought if the campaign was viable I would have had at least one go Premium