I did it! I quit my JOB!

Last Update: August 29, 2014

I finally did it... I feel like the Count of Monte Cristo when he escaped The Château d'If prison. I shouted in my car "I AM FREE". For those who don't know me, I am a big risk taker, and this is not my first time to quit a job, but it was the hardest time. Why? Because I am a father now. In the past few times I was alone, but now I have a baby boy and I got cold feet.

The worst thing guys is to work in a job you hate, nothing top that in my opinion. And the weirdest thing was it's really hard to make the decision of quitting! I kept asking my self: why it's so hard to leave the job security, and follow my dream? for the past month I was asking my self this question, and I think that I found the answer which is:


By the way, it's very uncomfortable comfort zone! There's this story I read long time ago which I think demonstrate what I want to say:

A man was walking next to his neighbor house and he heard his neighbor's dog howling from pain. He asked thy guy why does his dog howling, the guy answered:"because his sitting on a nail!". The man was surprised from that answer and he said: "then why doesn't he change his place and relief himself from the pain?". The guy said:"because he's an old dog, and the pain is not that awful to make him get up and move." End of story.

We are all howling from the pain, but it's not that awful to make us get up and change out place.

This is our life guys, it's not a dress rehearsal... it's the live concert! If you don't like it, change it, if it doesn't suit you... change it, if it's not working for you... change it, if you don't like where you live, change it... you are not a tree!

I am after my dream, I am gonna do what I like and have a passion for - teaching guitar, I will not have a boss telling me what I can and can't do, I will set my own hours, I will work hard on my self to become more, not work hard in my boss's company to make him rich.

I am a free man.

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iamtigerlily Premium
Join the club, Hany. I quit mine close to 4 months ago. It's a difficult decision but I believe there has to be a better way to live life than slogging away 13-14 hours a day and sometimes not seeing daylight - all my family members were sound asleep when I got home. Every day I would drag myself to work and wish the weekend to come quickly so that I could do one thing - Sleep. You have incredible talent. Pursue your passions. It's your life and no one runs it but you. Good luck !
~ Hani Ahmad
JanineKruger Premium
That's exactly what I was looking for on WA today, a motivating post. I can really do with some motivation!

Starrlett Premium
I can't wait to quit mine too.
zora2 Premium
Hey HanyHamed. You are free to do as you please. Tallell97 is correct. You have a skill and an awesome talent. You can do it and enjoy the ride. Blessings
Tallell97 Premium
Wow that was a bold move but at least you have a skill that you can use. You can advertise everywhere you can think of as a private guitar tutor and, of course, work on WA too
HanyHamed Premium
Thanks Tal, I will.
Tallell97 Premium
I wish you every success in both ventures
HanyHamed I liked your posts and I am interested what is happening now in your life. How is guitar teaching going?