Search Before Asking Examples - The Easy Way


Asking Before Searching For A Major Quick Answer

You you have a question, it's probably already been answered on a thread or blogged about before.

I've found certain question being asked at WA which have been answered many times so perhaps we can encourage a new culture with WA of searching for an answer before asking.

The Most Recent Common Question I find

" My Google authorship picture is not showing up. What have I done wrong? "

The answer of course is that Google removed them only recently. I remember blogging it on here so I usually just post that link to the blog.

How Easy Is It To Search For An Answer?

Well easy!

  1. Put the question or keywords in In Google followed by wealthy affiliate
Example 1:

Search google for - Google authorship picture wealthy affiliate

Result: - My wealthy affiliate post is the second result but other reustls are served up, choose which one is most relevant

Example 2:

What happens to my site if I cancel my account?

Search google for - What happens to my site if I cancel my account wealthy affiliate


The first result is this thread but there are loads of others so again choose the most relevant:

More Examples of questions:

Here's some more example of searches to common questions and results you get:

search for - How to find my niche wealthy affiliate

result -

Ok think you get the idea..

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Recent Comments


I like your post and well said, but some times new people are not as savvy? on how things work around here and after all we are all here to learn..!
When you are frustrated about something you are not apt to go looking around for the correct answer first time?
This may actual be called "help in some quarters" ...!
But it is good you have the subject covered for the next time it is required? Thank you.

sure I see where your coming from

So very true!!

Searchers v Askers! Good post and I agree. I also agree that it's good to interact with fellow WA members. I think certain personality types will most likely ask a direct question whereas others might be more inclined to dig about and find the answer for themselves. I'm more likely to search but either is surely OK?

yea that's a good point, everyone is different some prefer other ways

I don't really post many questions, but find most of what I'm looking for is already been asked anyway, so a simple search is suffice for me.

Sometimes it is faster to ask a question than to search it out. Dare I say that.

That is why tags and keywords are important when posting, Also, if you don't search using the right tags or keywords, sometimes the answers don't show up.

With that said, it is a good idea to attempt a search before posting a question.

true but that's why I always search from google not wealthy affiliate

Good point.

Yes this works as well. Good job explaining.

As Kyle says though, ask as many questions as you need to and get all the help right here. There is a reason for his stating this in lessons. And there is a reason you increase your rank here at WA when asking questions.

As discussed by Kyle... by asking questions here, it will be an interaction within the group. Members learn better by reinforcing their own learning during the time they are explaining to others with their own answers. Creating conversations within a category of subject within the community is important and lets everyone be a part of the solution. Our interaction as members with one another becomes the support the whole program is based on.
Neglecting to ask questions here, I feel is harmful to our own development within the program.

Feeling ignorant about a question is no reason to go off somewhere else to feel less embarrassed, as itself is a learning process we all should go through as a developmental learning experience.
Interaction between members bolsters our own abilities and teaches us principles of sales.

At least it has helped me write better, learn more, and improve all the way around by interacting with others here at WA. And who better to ask how your site is coming along?

Google, or the WA members? :)

ps: nice blog.
pss: I think it smart to interact with real people one on one. And I truly believe this is the main ingredient in why WA program is as successful as it is today. :)

yes your right

Great Post!

Lots of answers to be found by searching in the search bar on top of this and every page in WA. Just saying :-) Remember the TAGS we enter when writing a blog here or asking for help

John Worthy

That's a good point, John.

In as much as I agree with you that many of the questions have been asked and answered before, we should be aware that not all who come to WA are computer savvy or familiar with the search engines. We don't all have the same level of internet research capabilities. Needless to say, we are all here to learn.

I know you have good intentions, Hantaah! I hope people who know how to search for answers would first check on their own.

trrue, perhaps there should be a clever technology that detects, ahh this is a common question, find the answers here

In time, Hantaah! We are getting there.

hmm something to go on dragons den about?

Great blog hantaah! It's true, many times we ask things that have already been answered in WA, and we didn't take a look at them. Although sometimes we forget, it is still good to first check if our question has already been answered.

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