How much are we prepared to spend on our online business?

Last Update: April 27, 2014

Hey everyone, how much are we prepared to spend on our online business, in a traditional business we plan to spend thousands, because that is what the business needs. Even if we dont have the money we go and find it because we must get this business off the ground. Have to buy stock eg if its clothing store we got to get the clothing, we have to pay rent. We have to do advertising in order to get our customers to come in our store. If we dont have the startup cost we borrow it from the bank or someone. We do our research if we dont have enough knowledge about what we are going into, we go and get trained.

Then what about our online business, we often dont want to spend a dime, trying to start free. Should we also have a startup cost? How do we plan to get our customers online -traffic that's what it is called. Think about it friends.

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nomda ploom Premium
We all spend, whether $ or time. We need to equate time to $ in our own minds, or we are wasting both
Freedomseekr Premium
What you're saying is very true, in my opinion. An online business is much less expensive to start up than a brick and mortar one, but there are still some things we need to be willing to spend money on to go further.
Best wishes :) -Sherry
webBIZ44 Premium
I agree 100%!
I have often found that people who look for the "short cuts" often never have enough "skin" in the game to hold their attention for very long. I feel an "investment" in any endeavor one hopes to be successful in is a fundamental pillar of starting right!
SowAndReap Premium
I totally agree with Kary word for word.
Karyskis Premium
You must be reading my mind because I have felt the same way about our IM businesses and proving the resources I need to be successful and figure it is way less expensive than a brick and mortar business-just as you mentioned.