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Hey everyone, how much are we prepared to spend on our online business, in a traditional business we plan to spend thousands, because that is what the business needs. Even if we dont have the money we go and find it because we must get this business off the ground. Have to buy stock eg if its clothing store we got to get the clothing, we have to pay rent. We have to do advertising in order to get our customers to come in our store. If we dont have the startup cost we borrow it from the bank or
March 15, 2014
When you feel like giving up, just remember the Best is Yet to Come. Sometimes we want things now, but there is a process that we need to go through which takes a little time,which will allow us to gain some valuable experiences. Right in the nick of time, God's time the children of Israel were able to cross the Red Sea on Dry land and the Egyptians were right on their heels. It is at that moment they were most discouraged they humanly saw no way out. But God was right there to save them. Maybe
I made my first sale, my first referral wonderful isn't that wonderful. I am happy and excited. To God be the glory and thanks for the encouragement from everyone. This is really another booster. Let us continue to encourage one another and remain positive. I am learning more and more.
February 27, 2014
Guess what everyone I am on the front page,my website that is, of google search. I feel so good, I just decided to type in some key words doing a search and there my site came up on the front page, second from the top. I exited Google and tried again then my site was at the top. Wow I just sat looking at it and wondered if it was for real. I know there is some more work left to be done on it. But I feel good. Thanks be to God. Jus
I am so excited to go through the courses, some ideas are coming to me and I am writing them down as I don't want to loose them. I am writing this in between chores at home. Sometimes we are waiting for the perfect time to do things and that doesn't come. Just keeping it simple. When I get on to something new I tend to fly through because I just want to see what is the next thing. But you know,I have had to go back through some of the Lessons because initially I went through almost with a curso
February 03, 2014
I just said I cant bother and was about to throw in the towel, but before I did I said to myself let me look again at what they are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. Brethren it was just good, I said let me try again. The fact is I had not been spending that amount of time with WA as I did in the past due to personal reasons. Guess that absence affected me negatively. My friends the fact is I have not seen anything around like this. I dont have a lot a funds floating around and that makes it
November 16, 2013
So glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate. It happened so unexpectedly I was checking out a popular online business to verify whether it was a Scam when I bumped into Wealthy Affiliate. I had began to wonder whether there was any genuine system, but I found it. I think I have been progressing fairly well and I have learnt a lot so far. Still have a bit to go on my content building which I am aware is key. Wealthy Affiliate takes the time out to teach me everything about online business, when I th