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Last Update: September 10, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate has a great selection of tools that come free with the premium membership.
One of these is the free SSL certificate. Meaning that any site that is hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate automatically has a SSL secure certificate added to their site.
This is a must have with the search engines, otherwise viewers to your site get a message informing them the the site is Unsecure and they should proceed with caution.
That is obviously going to deter people from actually accessing your site and the loss of traffic and potentially revenue.
Another great free tool is the live chat area, where members can go for questions and answers pertaing to their websites, online business or just about anyting to do with the online world.
It is also a great place to meet other members and strike up a friendly relationship.
As a frequent visitor to Live Chat the one query that comes from new members and some not so new, is the fact they they have tried to log in to their sites and they are getting a message stating that their site is unsecure.
I know this is quite a disturbing sight but it isn't a disaster.
The beauty about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is always an answer to every problem and to dispell your fears once and foreall here is a quick fix;

Go to Websites>>>Details and scroll down to SSL. Turn it OFF, wait a couple of seconds then turn it Back ON. Go back to website and check it is now secure.

Hope this helps those who encounter this problem.
Remeber anything is possible at Wealthy Affiliate

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jetrbby80316 Premium
This happened to me yesterday on one of my siterubix sites, I will try this out. Thanks:)
kcoffey Premium
Thanks Gordon-D I have this problem on my site sometimes.
davehayes Premium
Great share Gordon, thank you, we do have toital peace of mind
Andrew888 Premium
Many thanks for the information.
Kind regards
AlexEvans Premium Plus
We are blessed with some really good resources here in WA Gordon,
Gordon-D Premium
We are Alex....who's Fleeky? :-)