What Is The Meaning Of Life? Why Are We Here?

Last Update: March 18, 2018

Those two questions have been asked by thinking human beings since day 1, I think. How we answer them will determine the course of our lives here on earth.

Which is the most vital concept?

There is one concept which, to me, is of far greater importance than any other. Which one is yours? Take a minute to think about it my friends....

Do you have an answer? Please remember it and put it in your comments below.

Mine is very simple. It's GOODNESS! Striving for greater goodness is at the core of my life, always has been and always will be. To me that is the answer to both questions in the title.

Imagine the opposite

Imagine if we were striving for the opposite, EVIL! This world would be like Mordor, that hellish place in Lord of the rings. I believe, even with all the evil in the world, that most of us still hold up goodness as the ideal. If it were otherwise how could we survive as the human race?

Universe a living entity

In my view, the universe is a living entity and every living breathing being make up its cells. As humans we strive, well most of us, to remain healthy, physically as well as mentally.

Just as our bodies are well, when our cells thrive, so the universe is healthy, when it's living components prosper. Will you agree with me that we can only thrive, as a collective, where the quest for goodness is upper most in our minds?

Our bodies become ill when some cells cease to thrive. Right? Think of cancer for instance. Cells that have been beneficial to the body suddenly begin to malfunction, and so become the agents of "evil" or sicknesses in our bodies.

Evil is a threat to the universe

Similarly some people enter the path of evil, for various reasons, and they become a threat to the universal body. How many times have evil destroyed the fabric of society, by attacking some cells (think human beings).

One form of evil is oppression, another is excessive greed, lust for power etc. Poverty for instance; which evil causes that illness? Isn't it the greed of some cells? Lack of freedom comes from the evil of oppression. You follow my drift.

Wealthy Affiliate is a healing force

I'm so happy to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, because it's a genuine force for goodness. It's a healing force in the universal body.

My warmest thanks to Kyle and Carson for taking the path of goodness and resisting the temptations that come with great wealth. Kudos also to all who're helping them!

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LTMLifestyle Premium
Very interesting post. For me gratitude and compassion are fundamental to my faith beliefs
GoranBockman Premium
It's the same in my faith.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I find that for me giving praise and thanksgiving are two of the most important parts of my faith
GoranBockman Premium
I agree. Without expressed gratitude there is no true gratitude.
Flash4 Premium
Wonderful blog Goran, I couldn't agree more. It has been said to use ones experiences in life as to "what works & what doesn't" Of course that is open to evil as well as goodness, it is just a choice, what makes us happy?
As we teach our children by example, we also effect people around us in the same way.
Nice subject.
Cheers Jae ☼
GoranBockman Premium
Thanks Jae. You're so right.
SWagner2 Premium
We're here to learn, grow, and help each other. And I mean in life, not just WA, although we are doing that here, too.
GoranBockman Premium
I agree.
Loes Premium
That are difficult questions.
How would this world look like when there was only good?
We would be in heaven, wouldn't we? And we are not.
So I think the opposite of good has to exist to be able to recognize what good is.

Without high, there is no low
Without evil, there is no good
Without poor, there is no rich

Contradictions make us human.
We humans, are structurally made of contradictions, living peacefully, sometimes painfully, sometimes rich, sometimes sick, with our oxymoronic selves
GoranBockman Premium
True. Evil has its place. If for no reason other than to make us strive harder for goodness.