Making Sales While Taking A Holiday

Last Update: June 08, 2014

Hello to all my friends, how are you doing?

I took a 2 weeks off from my routine with Wealthy Affiliate. I had planned my short break as a leisure business cum holiday trip to another country. I was not completely away from the internet but certainly I was offline with WA.

The trip has succeeded in keeping me away from WA as I did not find the time and energy to go online with WA. I used internet to book my tickets and hotels online.

I am back and when I finally read my pages of WA emails, it was uplifting to read at least two messages that read "Congratulations, you have...". I didn't make big money with those sales but they certainly mean more than just paying for my cup of coffee.

I am into my 5th month with WA and I have yet to monetize my website as an affiliate. It seems to take me longer than expected to start typing on my keypad again. I am back and that 2 successful sales mean a lot to pick myself up again. I know Googlebot misses my blog posts while I missed following my training and this wonderful Community.

Hey my friends, if you think you are working too hard, take a short holiday. Forget about sales or money for now, get refreshed and come back to focus on your work with WA. I wish you every success!

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TheHotFriend Premium
An honest blog post, thank you for this. Very uplifting.
caylynn Premium
We can't just work and have no play. Now that you have had your vacation spree, time to optimize and put out the open for business sign. ^_~
Bill67 Premium
Thanks for the great info.
TJ Books Premium
Thanks for your report, Fred! John
Skip2tsr Premium
Nice to see you're back walking the halls of WA, Fred.
Kav Premium
Welcome back and congratulations. We all need a break from time to time. Now get cracking!
Wondermn Premium
Congratulations, Fred! That's what I want to be doing... taking holidays, traveling and earning passive income like you! Keep up doing what you are doing! Enjoy!!! :)
Karyskis Premium
Glad you enjoyed your holiday! Best wishes to continued success, those Googlebots are looking for you ;)
Khaos Premium
Hello Fred you are right taking a short holiday can really help to clear your mind. The problem is i can't and every time i don't spend time working on my business is for me money i lost, sometimes i try escape but i really can't more than an afternoon lol ;)
I wish you a lot of success :)
JennPGD Premium
Welcome back, Fred. and congrats with the sales. Something is better than nothing. It's a start. Cheers.
Wonderful and congrats on you sales, finally you got some sale that make you have some energy go on.
KatieMac Premium
Like you I have been away for 7 weeks due to family emergency got some work done but a bit behind, just had another week away on holiday certainly charges the batteries hope you have had a good break, well done on your sales may they increase daily
kevinmj Premium
Awesome. Congrats on the sales and wishing you many more.

Gordi Premium
You are right Fred. Sometimes a good vacation does wonders
wallwolf Premium
Good advice mate, glad you had a good time and are back fighting fit. Tim
Internetgranny Premium
That's great to hear, Fred. Congratulations on your sales and wishing you lots more success!
UncleBud Premium
Thanks for the tips. Congratulations on your sales.
rebeccas Premium
Good for you, Fred. I hope you enjoy many more holidays as your business continues to grow. ~Rebecca
Lemm Premium
That's just great Fred. Congratulations.
Funmine Premium
That's one of the benefits of running your own business. Happy for you, Fred!
SowAndReap Premium
Congrats! It's great to play and get paid. That's what I'm talking about.
Trialynn Premium
Sound great to me!