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The image I created doesn't fit in the twitter background?

The image I created doesn't fit in the twitter background?

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I created a new back ground image for my Twitter profile. I can't seem to get it to fit. Can anyone help?

TheApril is spot on...canva.com has templates for every social media platform and heaps of other good image tools and it's free and surprisingly easy to use.

That's good to know. It looks like a wonderful resource. I am grateful for the input! Thanks.

canva.com has a great Twitter template

Thanks much...I'll check it out. I did manage to get my background image uploaded...had to do a work around but it looks good.

cant help sorry don't use social media

It needs to be 1500x500 pixels.
You can use http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/ to resize. Open your file then go to "Image" - "resize."
Let me know if you get stuck, I can do it in Photoshop for you. :)

Thanks Kathy! I read somewhere that the images needed to be smaller since Twitter enlarges them. I'll try the app.

I made a banner that size for Twitter and it fitted fine, info here. :)

If you have windows you can go to paint and resize it. Find out what size you can use and adjust to it. Paint is in your windows photo gallery.

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