Frustration and Joy! "Top 200 Goal"

Last Update: Apr 16, 2018


Here I am frustrated and upset about my computer quitting on me at a time when I need to get my work done, and what do you think happened? To my surprise, I received an email which said, "Congratulations" You reach "Top 200 Goal" I was so excited that my bad feeling went away at that moment and I only felt joy on receiving that email. Only WA could give someone that feeling of happiness when you are working so hard to reach your goals.

Even though I was having problems with my computer, I was trying to congratulate someone in WA on his accomplishment. This is the email I wrote. "Congratulations, your hard work is paying off. Keep on going to achieve your goals", and my congratulatory email came at the same time. I could not have felt better knowing that my hard work was paying off.

This is what WA is all about. Here I was paying it forward to help someone and WA was paying it forward to me. How can you not love WA and the Community members. I said this a lot. WA is like a secomd home away from home and like a mother and father helping their children.

Thank you Kyle and Carson. You have done a lot to help everyone who needed help. This was long over due for many who were suffering from getting the help they need to achieve success. It's up to each and everyone to learn everything to succeed and not to give up until you accomplish your goals.

I have everything I need to build a successful online Business and I thank you for paving the way.

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Now you can say "HURRAH HURRAH I AM ON MY WAY"

Thank you. I am ready for more now.

Don't be greedy leave some for the rest of us.

I will always leave a slice of the pie for everyone. Even more, if you like.

Awesome to read Delores. :)

~Mark :)

Congrats! That’s great!
Peace & blessings,

Paying it forward, what a wonderful phrase with wonderful connotation, you are giving now and you just might need to receive something in return at a later time . . . Or not. Maybe it is just an act of kindness, caring or generosity. However, to give AND receive simultaneously is definitely a rarity and in your case Elores, very well deserved. Congratulations on your 200 achievement and thanks for all of your ‘paying it forward’ activities.

This is why I love Pay-It-Forward so much, congratulations and I am sending you good vibes that your computer issues are short and you can get back to the things you love to don.

That's so great that it has cheered you up in spite of your frustration with your computer.

Onward and Upward


Synchronicity at it's best :). Congratulations!

WOW! that's terrific, congratulation!


Thank you very much. All the best to you.



Thank you very much. You made my day. This is what WA is all about. There is always someone there to cheer you up.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

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