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My name is Elodie Fleming and I’m from the Caribbean of Trinidad which is very hot. i’m the first one in my family to venture





A quick question about setting up link in site content?

A quick question about setting up link in site content?

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WA Affiliate Program

In Kyles video on setting up my link in site content, I have noticed his profile picture, rank, post, network etc., at the side of his post where his link is situated.


Hello ElodieF4321. Please go to Lesson 4. Adding affiliate links to your web page review, Its not very long I have had to do this a few times . This is better because everyone have a different way of explaining any process.. Have a nice day

I assume you're talking about your WA affiliate link, Elodie.
You get that from the top of any page on the WA site, including your profile page.
It's the icon of a dollar sign $ in a black sphere.
Copy that and post it anywhere.
Email, text, websites, blog, social media.

It is coded so that the system knows it's you who referred the person who clicks on it. No picture or profile cones up.

No one, except the WA tracking system, knows you are the source.
If someone's joined with your link, you get credit.
I Hope that's what you were talking about and this helps👍
Keep thriving!

Hard to understand your question without knowing specifically which lesson you are talking about.
A screen shot would probably help.
If you have copied and pasted your link and it is working I wouldn't worry about the rest.
Your profile, rank WA posts and all that fluff does not appear on your website.
Try not to get hung up on things looking exactly like this or that.
It is not at all important at this stage - what you want to do is get content out there. Tha't more than important.
You can always return to a post or a page and make changes later if you feel the need to

I would do the links in WordPress once post is published vs site content..

You may also do them some links in Site content. (see image)

However, the preference is block editor of your WordPress sites back office.

You may also follow on below resource (awesome article)


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Having problems with google analytics don't know what to do?

Having problems with google analytics don't know what to do?

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Getting Started

First I want to thank everyone who has so kindly taken time out of their busy schedule to help, assist or send help in whatever way I might need.

No matter what I did,

Is your bounce rate for the entire site?
Are you checking individual pages to see what is happening with them?
That may give you some insight.

I just checked the resource Abie recommended below. Sure does look like a solution better than deleting your site.

So sorry, Elodie.
Don't be too overwhelmed with Google analytics.
You can ask for website feedback to analyze what the problem is.
I hope you get it resolved.

I would follow up on below resource


Hi everyone having a serious problem with my analytics.?

Hi everyone having a serious problem with my analytics.?

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Getting Started

Here's the the thing, last night I was on my Analytics site and I had visitors,
new users and users but today here I'm nothing. My site is almost blank with no users whatso

I check my settings again, to see if all correct as they should be.

AIO SEO > General Settings > Webmaster tools tab > Add the “whole code” to the miscellaneous verification section and save changes.

Then I go here http://gachecker.com/ verify my tracking code is working.


if you goto gachecker.com and enter your url does it return a tick in the first column...
if it does then you still have analytics...
if not then please leave let us know and we can help you sort it..

When I went to GA checker.com a sign came up "An error occurred and your site cannot be found" what does that mean.

it sounds like it timed out ...
did you add the whole url including the https://

Really Don't know what is going wrong ,or what went wrong because I tried the https//

what's your url Elodie...
do you remember how you added the google analytics code to your site

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