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My name is Elodie Fleming and I’m from the Caribbean of Trinidad which is very hot. i’m the first one in my family to venture on this challenge. I love the Lord Jesus Christ for he is my rock. Now I’m ready to rock, thank you all you beautiful people for accepting me.

First I have achieved my School Leaving Certificate also I took a commercial course in Short and Typing where I was successful.

I then migrated to the US for a period of time, while being there I was successful in my High School Diploma.

I always love working with children for they always have a very dear place In my heart, hence the reason I have chosen helping children.

In my short stint in the US, I have interacted with and come across a myriad of children from all walks of life and witnessed to desperation in their eyes, as if to say we need help.

What really caused me to get into this field, there are so many hungry and starving children in the world. I would like to earn money to help source this charitable group that I have founded. This something very near to my heart because where I grew up it was very depressed. we barely survived and it was very difficult when we had to go to school.

We had to walk for miles, don’t talk about when we had to go for water, the distance we had to walk it was very difficult. So I have dedicated myself and others in the group to make a difference. Thank you.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Approx. 20,000,00
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
80hrs whatever it takes.
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Jun 19, 2020
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ElodieF4321 Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
Approx. 20,000,00

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
80hrs whatever it takes.
MensahMedia Premium
Great goals my friend
Best of luck
Kyle Premium Plus
Wonderful goals Elodie! I look forward to helping you achieve these! Work hard and work through the training here at WA and you will be well on your way to success.

Everything you need to achieve any level of success online is at WA, including the help whenever you need it!
DanielJ12 Premium
These Goals Very Achievable with all the Tools and Technology at your fingertips. Once you go Premium, you will get additional Training, Live Events which helped me out 3 times over as I am a Visual Learner. Please let me know if you need Guidance.   
ElodieF4321 Premium
HI Daniel thank you for your cmoment and encouragemental
I wounderstand like to upgrade and get going but my biggest probl is that I not in possession of a credit card. I notic education also you all have the PayPal system not too sure hoe to work it, some sort of idea would be helpful. Thank you in advance God bless you.
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JDB73 Premium
I just read your profile and I knew I had to follow you.

Your goals are so honorable and commendable. Working with children can be a very rewarding calling.

I wish you all the success in the world. If you ever need any help please don't hesitate to ask. I will help you where I can.

ElodieF4321 Premium
HI JD thank you so very much for you great gesture, yes children are my heart beat especially with all the suffering and this pandemic I really would like to make a difference.

God bless and thasks again.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Elodie,

It is my pleasure to have you in my network, and I look forward to being in your as well. The more people we have in our networks when we run into some trouble the more minds help solve it quicker and easier than if we tackled the problem all by ourselves.

Additionally, this might be a little late, but I would like to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate. I see you are making great progress and are on level 3 in the training already good for you.

Keep it up and you'll be earning commissions in no time at all!

I look forward to reading about it,

JEaston Premium Plus
Hi Elodie,

Thank you for adding me to your network too and I'm happy to meet you here at the Wealthy Affiliate.

We have to help each other's progress, especially inside the WA community.

Wish you all the best and all the success in your online business!

Best wishes to you and all your family.

See you around the community.

All the best,

EstellynWrig Premium
Hi Elodie. nice to meet you! I read bio and I fell in love with the person behind it! We both share a lot of things in common.
I am from Belize, in the caribbean.
I know what is hard life and getting the education.
I also was a foster mom of 38 or more children for ten years.
I am no longer fostering and it breaks my heart but I am working on a safe haven for abused women presently. I love to help others. I can say that God has blessed me tremendously with so many beautiful souls from all walks of life. Being able to help others is what keeps me going. I always wonder what am I going to do when I can no longer do help. Anyways I hope that we do no become strangers. I would love to hear some of your experiences someday!

Welcome to WA!! It is a wonderful supportive platform. Good luck on your journey!
Aboayoob Premium
Wow Estelyn and thank you for caring for us foster children, the world need more good hearted spirits like yours, I myself was raised as a foster child since I was 4 years old, So did you keep one of your foster children and adopted them, I was fostered but nerver adopted, I saw this comment through Elodie because she was one of the first to congratulate me, for joining, and also to give me advice how to develop

May The Almighty God Bless you
ElodieF4321 Premium
Hi Nicola congratulations on your outstanding achievements. Keep up the good works. I myself is from the Caribbean in Trinidad and I also achieved my Early Childhood Education and I also did my High School Diploma in high I was successful.

So it is a pleasure to meet you and will return the follow.