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This short training video takes you through the v4 setup of google analytics...

from an update or new install this helps you see how to add your details

it also shows how to add google analytics to the all in one seo plugin

and goes through a post seo

i hope you manage to follow it and if you stil lhave any questions leave them in the comments below.

don't forget to like the video if it helped you

many thanks for watching


Adding google analytics code

i have just gone adding google analytics global site tag to all in one seo and if you click on general settings then click on the webmasters tools tab

and copy the whole of the google tag and paste it into the Miscellaneous Verification box and click save

this will then have added google analytics verification to your site

you can check this by clicking on visit site ( hover over the name of
your site at the top and click on visit site - once your home page is
shown then press ctrl+u and another tab will open with your site html

click ctrl+f and type into the box Global site tag and it will find your code added

there is now no verify to check the code is added in google analytics.

or the alternative is to add it as per my other training

another method of verification is to use

i know it does not have the https but it is just scanning your site and will tell you is your analytics is on every page

want a simple no fuss or pressure seo plugin then why not try out slim seo

with this one you get the old features of all in one seo back - simplicity

you can add verification to your head section along with ethe body and footer ( amazon one link)

and one feature i have not seen anywhere else is that it automatically fills on the alt text with hte filename if you don't add alt text manually - so make sure the filenames make sense - but now the amazon images and other images for advertising will all have their alt text filled in....

so as i said if you want a no nonsense seo plugin where you do hte work and are not told you only have a 50% seo score and not enough link words then try slim seo....

have fun

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Georgeous1 Premium
My general settings page doesn't give an option to add a google analytics ID.
It has this: Google Analytics is now handled by MonsterInsights with a tab 'Manage Google Analytics' and space for 'Miscellaneous Verification'
That's it. So, I'm stuck on 8:20 mins. on this video.
The first part went great.
feigner Premium
in that case you will find that adding hte whole script to the misc verification box would sort you out....
have fun
Rich908 Premium
Hello Phil
You explained the new SEO so easily and simply. I am a slow learner when it comes to anything technical but it will eventually sink in. I am battling with indexing my new website to google console.

It was pretty straight forward with google webmaster tools. Anyway I will get it sorted one way or another.

Thanks to you I have understood the new SEO a lot better.

feigner Premium
We all learn at our own speed Richard...
I am glad ot have been able to help...
it can be difficult with the amount to learn at the start of affiliate marketing
I am glad you got it sorted
JesusGirl144 Premium
Hello Phil, newbie here! Ok, so I just set up my Google Analytics account from scratch as I didn't have one. I have my tracking ID and I did as you instructed in the video and went through the set up for the new AIOSEO. I got to the Webmaster Tools part of the video and I clicked on Google Analytics box, entered my code into the Miscellaneous Verification box and saved changes.
But it's not giving me all the settings for Google Analytics as it did in your video. What to do? Thanks so much!!

JesusGirl144 Premium
Also, when I set up my Google Analytics account, I set up just a Universal Account only. I did that because the Analytics 4 was for apps, but I dont have an app. Is that wrong?
JoeRebisz Premium
Some of those items, you need to create yourself.
feigner Premium
you need to set it up not for an app
go through it again and you will get all hte settings...
they will be different for an app to a site...
StefanieT Premium
Hi there, thank you so much for this. I wouldn't have had a clue about any of it!
I do have a question though. Ever since I reset this new AIOSEO plugin my Google analytics hasn't worked. It may be coincidence, but is it possible that this new AIOSEO had messed with that? I'm not technical mined at all, so I'm not sure how I even check of find out. Would like to know your thoughts or possibly what I should do?

Thanks :-)
feigner Premium
Hi shouldn't have messed with it...
i know google had a problem around the christmas break
what it might be worth doing is deleting and adding you sitemap again in search console
have you checked that your analytics is installed with or similar
StefanieT Premium
Hi there,
thanks for the training. I needed it. One thing I'm unsure about is when you are verifying your bing, pinterest and google analytics. I've already done all of this in my old AIOSEO. Do we need to do it all again? If so, I'm not sure where I can even get this code from because all of those sites have already been verified a long time ago, and it looks to me like you have to verify again to get the code, which it doesn't let you do if you've already done it once.

Thanks :-)
feigner Premium
Hi stephanie, i am glad the training was useful
you don't need ot reverify for the others
if you click on them they should have a green tick when you click again...
if not then you may have added hte verification to hte head section of your theme and that will be long gone is overwritten each time the theme files are updated....
the code will still be on your site if it was verified with the old aio version
i have had a look inot getting the bing code again but didn't manage to find it - but if it becomes a problem then i will dig a bit deeper, it sholud be there....
your search console code - copy the whole iof hte html tag and paste it into the box and it will verify.
probably the same with the pinterest - not done that
so it will only be hte bing code that is a real problem at the moment...
let me know if you experience any problems with this and i will see what i can find out.
have fun
i have just started using analytify to add the google analytics code along with the benefit of being able to remove logged in users from the analytics data ... i did create a training on how to do this frin withing hte new ga4 account if this is of interest.
alnog with a newer mocrosoft analytics program called clarity...interesting watching someone scrolling down your article and the mouse moves they make... you become aware of the moves you make as well when reading......