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Retired military, retired educator, self-reliant advocate.
Enjoy helping people "bridge the gap" from where they are in life now, to where they want to be.
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Oct 13, 2017
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SHeisey1 Premium
I lovwed your article! I remember the days when educated with doctorates were pumping gas, if they could find a job! You are right; there is a difference between School and Education. The unions often come between real teachers and their students.
I homeschooled my kids u to high school. I sometimes wish I continued for 4 more years. I am happy with the result, though only one went to 3-yr collete. SHE is an Industrial Designer.
now a mother.
Wer need to keep our sights on practicalities. The same shoe does not fit everyone.
Josh Lanska Premium Plus
Hi Archie, nice to meet you, giving you a warm welcome to WA!

My best advice is follow these 2 simple steps and repeat:
1) LEARN as much as you can..
2) ACT on what you learn! you got this!

Wish you the best as you learn and build your online business!

Bridges Premium
Thanks for the input, Josh.
smben69 Premium
Hi Archie, it's a pleasure to meet you thank you very much for the follow.

I see you've been here since 2017 I hope things are going as you hoped they would.

I didn't see a website on your profile or I would have looked it over.

Your new friend,

Bridges Premium
Actually, Steve, I signed up as a free member in 2017. Didn't do anything with it until just 10 days ago when I decided to upgrade to have "skin in the game". Going through the training on a regular schedule now and will have that first web site up next week. Since 2017 I have been distracted by many things that didn't work, which is why my research brought me back to WA.
smben69 Premium
Hi Archie,

I can't imagine that you will not be successful at this.

You are already aware of how much work it takes.

If there is anything I can do even if it's just proofread for you I'll be happy to accommodate you.

I have found some truly great people here that have helped me immensely and I certainly wouldn't be where I'm at without them.

My first two years here were spent just learning the language I know that I've got a little bit of a grip.

I hope that I can monetize this action point.

Your friend,

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Archie, welcome to WA and to Premium membership.

Everything that you need to create and build your online business is right here.
You have all the tools, resources and support to achieve your goals.
Get started with your training and make sure that you invest the time and effort needed.

Wishing you the very best of success.

j52powell Premium
Congratulations on your move to premium. The benefits and services are great and there are many talented and helpful mentors for us here. I hope you progress quickly toward your goals. Good luck.

Bridges Premium
Thank you, Joe. I am looking forward to the journey and am enjoying the training.