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Dear WA Friends,After updating to Wordpress 4.6. I keep getting this message…
5 years ago 11 Replies
"you are posting comments too quickly. slow down"?
I am getting this message on my website when a visitor wants to post a…
6 years ago 4 Replies
Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance?
I clicked on to update a plugin and after it has been updated, I click…
6 years ago 6 Replies
Incoming search terms plugin, does it help in seo?
Dear WAfriends,Recently, I came across sites which display the incoming…
6 years ago 3 Replies
Will google penalise me if I use a quote?
If I copy and paste a quote by someone which is relevant to my post, will…
7 years ago 4 Replies
How can I add tagline to wordpress theme manually?
Dear friends,I am using a theme that does not support tagline currently.…
7 years ago 2 Replies