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Hey I'm Marjorie,
My husband John and I own a few email marketing sites that make me some money, but I realize I need a lot of training, in order to achieve any kind of success. Thankfully while I was reading through reviews, I came across WA and it really seemed to stand out as a superior success training and business building community.
My goal is to make at least $5,000.00/month in less than a year.
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I want o earn $5,000 per month and I would be very happy earning $10,000 per month in the first year. But really I want to make 50,000 per month in 2 years. I'm willing to commit 50 hours per week to achieve my goals.
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Dec 19, 2016
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ebizmh Premium
I want o earn $5,000 per month and I would be very happy earning $10,000 per month in the first year. But really I want to make 50,000 per month in 2 years. I'm willing to commit 50 hours per week to achieve my goals.
ktone03 Premium
Although I cannot commit that amount of time, I am looking to be right there with you in terms of earnings! I like what Kyle said about scaling. Once you reach a certain level of success, then it is only a matter of scaling it up. That really gives me hope and makes me feel empowered to believe that once I get the system, the possibilities are limitless!
Eric62 Premium
Realistically, I think that your thinking is on the right path. I believe you'll make it!!
Thats exactly what I was thinking when I was writing down my goals.
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MikeyB Premium
Hi John, thanks for the follow, welcome to WA and I am here to help ok
Manny1 Premium
Hi John, thanks for the follow and welcome to WA! I'm sure you'll learn a lot and let me know if you need any help
Willow Tech Premium
Hello John, Welcome to WA.
Kyle Premium
Welcome to WA John. I am Kyle, co-founder and also an active part of the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. If you ever need anything or you get "stuck"?, let me know as I will be more than happy to help you out.

I do suggest that you start out with the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1) course. Work your way through this training and take action on the lesson tasks. This is a foundational course that will get you building valuable online assets in just your first few days.


Anyways, I hope to see more of you in the coming days here at WA! :)
Christene9 Premium
Allow me to personally welcome you to our Wealthy Affiliate family, you had made a wise decision to try out the program and if you use it wisely within the next few days you will learn a lot and also meet some wonderful people that will not hesitate to help you personally.

The most difficult part is always to TAKE ACTION and I strongly advise you to start with the "Get Started Here" section of Wealthy Affiliate as soon as possible in order to get the valuable head start that you need towards building an online business and earning money.

Just remember every day you sit idle is a day wasted!

Never hesitate to ask for help here on Wealthy Affiliate all of us will do our best to help.

ebizmh Premium
Hey Christene
I read quite a few of your reviews and I'm ashamed to say that I'm a member of both, Pure Leverage and Empower Network and now I understand why my wife and I weren't able to make any money there. Well we made a little, but it seems like everyone is struggling. Thanks for waking me up.
Christene9 Premium
I was a member of both these platforms as well. I had success but it became hard to look at myself in the mirror because you have to take money from people who simply doesn't have it. Tough to get rich while others are getting poor. The only way to make money with them is to become ruthless.

WA will never expect you to promote their system, they will help you to build your own business with ethics and pride and that is the reason I recommend them.

If you need any help or advise please don't hesitate to ask.