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Hello, I'm John. I used to say I was a newbie affiliate, but with all the knowledge I've gained at WA, I am really learning rapidly now. I have worked in Technical Sales for quite a few years now as a Sales Engineer in Advanced Materials used in aerospace, medical and semiconductor applications, and I even played a big part in launching some company websites. I thought I knew a thing or two about SEO, but once I got started here at WA, I found out how little I used to know!

Now I am actively developing my first few websites. The last few companies I have worked for have been very unstable, and I have always wanted to set up an income stream that would be independent of the bad decisions I see being made in the corporate world.

I look forward to working with my WA friends as we all move forward together.
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Thanks for following
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Thanks for following. We all need some income independent of a job. WA is a great community for learning and support. Good luck to you.
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Hi, thanks for the follow. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.
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You bet betcha is now following you. Lol. Thanks for following me here @ WA. It's nice to have you. Good luck in your new venture.
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Hi John... Thanx for the follow... Wishing you much success here at WA... have a great day : )