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Last Update: November 17, 2014

I have been making corrections on my website, changing links around to hopefully the right way. Trying to get SiteMap straightened out so Google is happy. I have had nothing but trouble from Google and Bing took it no problems.

Thanks to this great community, I got some good advise so I am trying that. Hopefully Google will be happy with it this time.

A few of you might remember a while back I was playing around with a PowerPoint presentation. I had all sorts of problems with uploading it. I wound up taking a lot of slides out, and lost some functions in it.

There waves of water and between the waves I had dolphins swimming. Well they disappeared too.

This is what was finally left:

Time now to get away from the computer for a while. My brain is swimming.

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tmmom Premium
Looks great, but I would agree the slide transitions were a little fast for me too.
macey321 Premium
Visited your YouTube presentation dynamite. Good coverage on the subjects and very nice presentation. I think it was just a little fast for me, but I think you will do very well with it.
Happy Trails dynamite8, and To Your Great Success..........Frank
Loes Premium
Great video, only the page with the V formation, the dolfins is to fast from the screen, no time to read it all
dynamite8 Premium
Hi Loes, thank you , There was a slight problem with the timing, because if I slow it down you would be sitting looking at the same slide forever. You just have to hit the stop button when it gets to that slide so you can finish reading it.
Appreciate you taking the time to watch it.
stopscamming Premium
glad that you have sought out some few things.
cookma54 Premium
You deserve a break today! Enjoy! M