Traffic Boom: 10 visitors to 700+ visitors in under 5 months

Last Update: August 23, 2019

Hey, just giving an update on my make money at home sites progress.

I started this site in mid December and reviewed Clickbank and Warrior Plus products until April. I got zero results from this and on April 1st I was getting 10 visitors a day.

I've said in the past if you're not seeing results after 4 months of consistent work you need to switch up your keyword strategy.

So I took my own advice and started reviewing different kinds of programs. After looking at my analytics I saw MLM's were doing the best and decided to go all in reviewing MLM's.

In the next 4.5 months I wrote about 100 MLM reviews and organic traffic shot up from 10 on April 1st to over 700+ this week (719 was the high):

As a result my referrals are now 10+ a day and in the last 10 days I've gotten over 100 referrals.

If the pace continues I'll be primed to get 300 referrals in the next month.

I've heard many people say the make money at home niche is hard or it's impossible. And while I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner, it's still doable.

You just need to stay away from reviewing courses that have 5+ pages of results on Google. Everyone knows about Clickbank and Warrior Plus. The second a new course or product drops on those platforms there's 100 people reviewing them.

Maybe if you already have some authority you can get some page 1 rankings but not when you're new.

MLM's are get a lot of traffic and I have two reviews that get over 200 clicks per day each. They also seem to convert well to Wealthy Affiliate (although I have to wait a little to see how many premium referrals I get from these referrals).

If you want to review some MLM's here some resources that can definitely help:

New launching MLM's do the best for me (launched in the last year).

You can also review affiliate programs and courses that aren't on Clickbank (Wealthy Affiliate would be an example), different internet marketing tools (keywords tools, hosting, email responders), ecom courses, survey sites and more.

When the day comes I hit $2,000 for a month (hopefully soon) I will create a training around the make money at home niche like I did with Amazon sites.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

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capri16 Premium
Dylan, thank you to share this great traffic post
dylanrieger Premium Plus
No problem!
Vickic3 Premium
Awesome help Dylan , thank you
I will start doing this as I really hate ClickBank reviews as everyone is doing this
You rock
dylanrieger Premium Plus
You're welcome!
Encourager1 Premium Plus
Hey Dylan. I took your advice and have been doing just MLM reviews, for now, no results yet just started about a month ago but time will tell. I'm hoping they bring in the traffic and referrals that I need.

Thanks for the advice.
dylanrieger Premium Plus
No problem. I find newer MLM's rank the best.
Aussiemuso Premium
Great post Dylan. I was one of those 200 reading the MLM reviews and found WA. Best decision I ever made.

My website is now up and is focused on playing guitar but I still have my MLM business and would love to understand what you do with your referrals? How would that fit in with a solid MLM.
What is the process of conversion?

My goal has been to learn an ethical and business approach to building my MLM business online rather than the old way. But I was appalled at the spamming online and want to create a community geared site like WA to support my business partners as they learn and grow. As well as inviting other people to save money on great products. There are tough limitations set by reputable companies as to how you can promote your business online. You probably already know this. I'm looking to honor these rules but want to attract great business minded people, who want to learn, grow and save.

I would love to hear your opinion or any ideas or insites. I want to do this right the first time.


dylanrieger Premium Plus
I just refer people to Wealthy Affiliate from the MLM reviews. Affiliate marketing is better than MLM and a lot of people recognize that.

You could probably refer your own services if you wanted to stick with MLM, though. Maybe make a training course on how to be an ethical MLM'er and get recruits.

Or maybe there's a MLM training course you could find out there with an affiliate program and promote that one.
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Dylan,

Thanks so much for your ideas, all great ones. A plan is developing in my head.

I visited the MLM links in your post and that clarified lots of points for me too.

You've really helped.

Have a great day.

Lily 😊
dylanrieger Premium Plus
kevin928 Premium
Thanks Dylan

Funnily enough I reviewed an mlm last week on my newish mmo site (3 months old last week).

Its bottom of page one on Google and top in Bing and according to analytics has already had 74 page views. So I'll be looking at mixing in more on an ongoing basis.

Also had my first premuim sign up so now have 299 on the plane rather than 300!

Thanks for the resources very useful

Have a great weekend
dylanrieger Premium Plus
Nice! I would definitely mix more in!
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Kevin,
I keep reading the term mmo, what does it mean please?
dylanrieger Premium Plus
Make money online