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Last Update: May 28, 2022


Google has been all over the place for me. Before it took a month to index content, currently it's taking a few hours.. it's hard to tell when things will be indexed with Google from my blog.

I've been looking at alternative ways to get traffic because of this.

Youtube has been doing amazing for me. I did a video a day for 4 weeks and now have 42 subscribers, over two thousands views on the videos and a lot of page 1 rankings in Google.

Most videos rank in page 1 in Google in just a few minutes.

I've been trying Pinterest as well but haven't gotten any results.

So I decided to create a subreddit on Reddit based on my niche.

And the results have been AMAZING.

I just retarget my keywords on Reddit, put about 100 to 200 word description of my article and post my article.

My first post on Reddit was indexed on page 1 in Google in two days and is closing in on 100 total views in just 5 days.

I've posted 5 more articles to my subreddit and all are on page 1 or page 2 (within a matter of a couple of days)

What this does is it ensures whenever I write a new article I get 3 spots in Google now.

For example, a popular review I wrote a month ago now gets around 80 views a day:

30 views a day from my Youtube video targeting the same keyword:

And around 50 views a day to my post on Reddit in my subreddit targeting the keyword (I posted the review on Reddit just 3 days ago):

This is just one keyword that's getting around 150 views a day all because I own 3 spots on Google targeting it.

I have other keywords getting between 30 to 100 views now with this same method.

Writing my review takes about 4 hours. Creating a Youtube video around it takes about 1 hour. Posting it on to Reddit takes about 5 minutes.

If you don't have the time to create a Youtube video, creating a subreddit and posting your reviews there is a great way to get more traffic and take up more valuable real estate in Google's search.

Edit: Just to clarify I use Reddit to get page 1 rankings on Google.. not to try and get traffic from the Reddit community.

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Puzzled with your last sentence, 'not to get traffic'. So you do not add links? If so, I miss the point.

But if you do add links, they will send you a banning warning. This happened to me several years ago and I left it completely.

What do you mean by "and post my article" (at reddit)?

I use it to get traffic from Google, not reddit.. meaning I'm not trying to build a community there.

The posts are getting indexed page 1 on Google.

I don't post in other subreddits. It's a subreddit I created myself.. So I don't think there will be issues.

I make sure to write about 200 words to avoid issues as well. No problems yet.

If I understand correctly you put links in your subreddit, you are ranked and this creates traffic from Google.

I also had my subreddit, it is still there, and I was adding my links there and nowhere else. I was not even selling anything, those were ONLY posts about my mountaineering tours. Yet after a month or two, they sent a message and said I would be banned forever and throughout the platform.

This is why I do not think this can last, but let us know.

That's strange.. I've seen other people do this as well and I will let you know if something changes.

I think there should be a ratio between your own posts/links and your general activity on the platform. My guess Dylan comments a bunch (or has been before) in other subreddits so his overall reddit karma is good.

I got it.
Only around 200 words to promote your post on your blog, and at the end of reddit post you add the link from yr blog.

No I don't do any of that.. I think I've commented twice on other subreddits. I never really go on on Reddit.


This what I did with 4 of my blog post today and every day.

Thanks for your quick replay.
I found it so easy to promote my blog via social media now.

You are very inspired person here at WA.
Thanks once again.

I abandoned my sub-reddit after that experience and have no intention of getting back to reddit. In general, I have never seen a platform with so many rude and aggressive people. But yes this must be related to that karma thing.

As I see, Dylan is doing exactly what I was doing, it takes time before they react, but perhaps he will be more lucky.

Oh yeah, reddit is known for mega-trolling/aggressive behaviour. It took me a while to get used to it and when I comment I mentally prepare myself for a potential clash back/troll lol.

Very interesting and something I will take note of. Thanks for sharing your results!

No problem!

I'm inspired!

Gold advise as always!
As I do not use Reddit much, the community there doesn´t have a very positive attitude in many cases have heard. Do you use the name of your site as a subreddit?

I just use it to get page 1 rankings in google.. not for the Reddit community.

And I didn't but come to think of I probably should have!

Thank you!

This is compelling, Dylan! I wonder if this will help with my book promotion website. I'll have to take a look!

Thanks for an excellent share and congrats on your success with it!


Are you targeting certain keywords? I only use it for targeting keywords.

I might use something like Writing an eBook or an iteration of that.

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