Going Nicheless (My plan for 2019!)

Last Update: October 30, 2018

Hey, just giving an update on what I'm working on and insights I've come across.

I just finished up my cold weather/seasonal site and it's up to $500 a month (in a similar niche last year I made $350 in October).

I'm hoping to crack $1500 in November (last year I got over $2000 in November) and to average over $3000 for December, January and February.

My plan since September has changed. I had a niche all picked out and it was going to follow the same strategy I've followed for the last two years but I've decided to switch it up a little.

Instead of picking a niche, I'm going completely nicheless and I'm going to put my keyword research skills to the test.

I'm still targeting "best of lists" but I'm going after more of the special feature best of's I talked about here:


Many of these keywords still get traffic with the year and those I consider golden.

To make this work I'm targeting best of lists that are very, very low competition. In some instances there's no competition. Mainly, though, if a keyword has best of's past the 5th page I won't be bothering with them. Also, the products are generally in the $250 and up range.

I've found when there's only one or two other "best of results" on page 1 of Google I can not only rank for the "best of" but for the term without the word "best" as well. This brings a lot of traffic.

The last month I've been researching like crazy in all niches trying to find these keywords and have a list of nearly 300 right now. My goal is to write 100 of them in the next year.

My ultimate goal is to have a $10,000 month in 2019. I believe in 2019 the winter site I just finished up will make over $5,000 in December, which means this site I'm turning my attention to will have to make over $$5,000. It'll be tough but I'm hoping I can do it.

I'll be providing updates along the way with anything new I come across. It takes about 6 months to see results so it'll probably be around March or April when I update.

I also have started ecommerce dropshipping with Shopify and Aliexpress (opened a store a few days ago). This is different from seo and traffic comes form Facebook Ads and other pay for traffic sources.

I've made a few sales from launching Sunday but so far the ads have cost more than the profit. This is to be expected with Facebook ads, though. Basically you spend $30 on each ad and cut away the losers and keep the winner and scale them to profit.

I'll be focusing on dropshipping this year as well and I hope to get a profitable ecommerce store going.

So that's my 2019 plan. In 2018 I sold my site and got ahead for the first time and this year I'm hoping to stay ahead. I don't want to sell any sites this year and I finally want the round the clock passive income I've been dreaming of for 3 years now.

I wish everyone luck reading this and hope you reach your goals in 2019!

**Note: I wouldn't go nicheless if you plan on targeting keywords like best refrigerators 2019, best tvs 2019. You need a lot of authority to rank for those keywords and you most likely won't get that type of authority going nicheless.

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Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks Dylan i always appreciate your teachings
dylanrieger Premium
No problem!
SongbirdDL Premium
I will be following your story to see how this will go. Thank you for sharing your plan for 2019.

Wishing you the best.

dylanrieger Premium
kimwolfe Premium
I always enjoy reading your insights Dylan. Always great little nuggets of tried and true info. And I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us. Thanks! Look forward to the next update.
dylanrieger Premium
You're welcome!
feigner Premium
Be interested in seeing the results Dylan.
I wish you well with your new venture.
Do you reckon america getting rid of e-packet will affect your ecommerce business?
have thought of getting in on this but the profit margins from china have just been squashed.
I hope you have a good 2019
dylanrieger Premium
I don't think it'll effect things too much and I'm not entirely sure epacket is fully going away. If anything it could be good for dropshippers and force Chinese manufacturers to store products in America. This will mean much faster shipping times!
TomFortune Premium
Hi, can I ask you, how old is your cold weather site?
dylanrieger Premium
6 months.. but I had experience in the niche before and knew what keywords to target
TomFortune Premium
Good work! I guess I will just keep plugging away.