FAQ About Amazon Sites


Hey everybody!

Just wanted to make a quick FAQ about Amazon sites because I get a lot of the same questions about them.

I've been really slow answering emails lately and want to make sure everyone gets their questions answered.

1) Can you look at my site?

Me just looking at your site honestly isn't going to help. When it comes to design I go for the most basic imaginable and really don't do anything fancy. As long as you're not doing something that'll distract the reader you should be fine.

If really want my insight you'll have to give me access to your analytics. You can set up a user account for me and I'll be able to look but not change anything. You can do that by reading this article:


2) Which niche should I choose?

This is a pretty delicate process - you don't want to go too broad or too narrow and you also don't want to pick a niche that's dominated by huge websites.

Here's what I look for:

1) products have to be over $100 on average (remember you're only making around $5 per sale of a $100 product)

2) Must have lots of best of's (At a minimum 20 best of's that get traffic over a 100 and if you find one that has hundreds of best of's you're doing better).

3) Has to be a niche where people will actually buy products online. Making a website about sheds or other products like that is probably a bad idea. Most people would rather see something like that in person before buying.

Awesome niches for Amazon would include:

  • High end beauty products (there's plenty of gadgets that are hundreds of dollars that have to do with skin care and beauty).
  • Sports/outdoor equipment (I've had success in this niche hint hint)
  • Car electronics (If I had the time I would definitely strongly consider this niche)
  • Baby products (cribs, strollers, car seats, etc.)
  • Home security (cameras, motion detectors, security systems, electronic locks)

If you want to read all my thoughts on finding an Amazon niche, read my post here:


One last thing: you'll never be able to rank for terms like "best laptops 2019" "best shoes 2019" or anything like that. The websites that rank for those terms have million dollar budgets. So avoid super general best of's that are dominated by huge websites.

3) How do I find keywords?

I have a guide where I explain step by step how I find hundreds of best of lists in each niche. You can read it here:


4) How long to see results?

I'd say 6 months you should see some results. I've gotten over $2,000 a month in 6 months before. If you're getting ZERO results by then you should switch up your keyword strategy.

5) How to avoid Google penalties?

Google watches these sites closely. So in order to not get penalized you have to make your content lengthy and high quality.

Don't just write best of's after best of's - mix in some other content as well.

Also, I would do best of's for YouTube as well. YouTube doesn't seem to penalize channels the same way Google penalizes websites.

6) What happens if I don't make 3 sales in the first 6 months?

Your Amazon account gets shut down. The good news is you can sign right back up and get another 6 months. You might have to put in new links, however.

7) Can I really not mention price or use Amazon pictures?

The price one I'm not entirely sure about. I've read the terms of service and the way I interrupt it is not to name the price in a fixed table (like a pricing table). However, it may not be worth risking it. Just talk about price in a general way.

As for pictures don't steal from Amazon. If you're going to steal pictures steal them from other websites. You can always use Amazon Site Stripe to get picture (they're a little low quality, though).

8) Did you use backlinks, paid traffic, social media, or get comments.

None of that. Just picked good keywords and wrote good content.

***Additional Tips****

  • Always lead with the most expensive product. People associate most expensive with best and most people will literally just buy the most expensive product if you put it first.
  • Check to make sure your product hasn't sold out. Nothing is worse than getting a ton of traffic to a best of list just to see all the products are sold out. Most of the time Amazon will have the same product in a different place so it's easy to replace.
  • Switch the year over in your best of list around early November - you can get some early rankings and extra sales this way.
  • Download Amazon Site Stripe. It makes getting links so easy.
  • Put an Amazon Associate disclaimer somewhere on your site. You can get banned if you don't.
  • Try Youtube. You can rank for very broad keywords in youtube (like best laptops 2019, best basketball shoes, etc.) It's way less competitive. I made around $1500 with just 5 videos earlier this year.

Alright hope this helps. If you have any questions that I missed please comment them and I'll add them to the list.

Edit: If you're unfamiliar with what a Amazon site or best of post is, please read this training:


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Hi Dylan,

Thanks so much. Your post has come at the right time. Although I wish your post arrived a few weeks back. LOL

I did write about best laptops 2019 and I wrote about 4500 words. It never got ranked. Honestly speaking, it took me about 2 weeks to write that post because I had to do a lot of research. Plus I don't consider myself a fast writer...yet

I have bookmarked your post so that I can always refer to it.

Thanks for the great tips.

That's alright - it took me a really long time to fine tune things (years actually).

Just stay away from keywords that are ridiculously competitive

Thank you.

Dylan, this post of yours has come at a great time for us as we are developing a new site based on one of the bullet points you mentioned. Something we have tons of knowledge and experience about.
We are not with Amazon yet but we think going forward we will be in the right place and your tips are so very useful to us.
We will also read all the training links you have placed in this post.
Thank you so much!
Colette and Philip

You're welcome!

Thank you so much for this help!

Hi Dylan,

I am one of those desperate on the first 3 sales and the probation period is fast approaching and nothing to show.

I'm glad to come across with your post, this is what I just need right now, follow the guideline and find out improve it and how to make it happen "to have a sale".

Thank you so much for sharing.
I bookmarked it!

Best regards,

You're welcome!

I’ve been here at WA for almost two years and doing a niche site affiliated with Amazon.

Still not earning for a dime til now. After 3x denied by Amazon, at last, I got their approval on April 2019.

I just like to say thank you for all the informative posts and trainings you have been made. It really means a lot for a newbie like me as it sets as a guidance on my path.

Without YOU and without the community, I will never know where I am going to be in the future in this online business.

Thanks a lot for sharing your insight and experiences. You’re the beast! :)

Please keep up the good work bro!


Great Stuff Dylan.
Thanks a Lot

No problem

Amazing information. Looked at every link you included and read from top to bottom. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

You're welcome!

This is awesome Dylan. A post well and truly needed with so many questions that need answering lately.

I can only imagine what your In-box must look like here in W.A.
Thank you so much for such a brilliant post.

Debs :)

Thanks Debs!

Hello Dylan,
Thanks for taking the time to write this. It shows you really care for the wealthy affiliate community.
I know it is not easy to reply to all the emails from other wealthy affiliate members and I am glad you were able to do this instead.
It would be a lot of help to a lot of people.
Thanks again for this.

No problem!

I love you posts, dylan. They are so informative!
Thanks so much for sharing.

No problem!

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