New Menu Resource Published

Last Update: September 24, 2016

If you are having trouble with menus this video may help you out. Even if you are not this video may show you some tips and tricks you may not know.

We will look at:

How to make menu Items open in a new tab.

How to create custom menus.

How to add your categories to your menu.

How to create drop down menus.

How to add posts to your menu.

And more......

If you have a minute please check this video out. I think it may help you out.

Make your WordPress Menu Items Open In New Tab and Other Tips

You Got This! Go Get'em!

Until next time,

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theresroth Premium
Thanks, Tim, tagged for a quiet moment tonight....
Dreamer56 Premium
Hey Therese! Yo might want the link to the video lol
drjec Premium
teddae Premium
Terrific! Thank you!!
StepChook Premium
Hi Tim, thanks for your video. What is your advice on the optimal number of drop-down menus? I read somewhere that drop-downs are bad for SEO.

Also, what's the best practice for navigation with posts? I have about 12 posts already, so surely I should be thinking about implementing some sort of fast and elegant way of navigating through them?
MKearns Premium
Thank you Tim. You are the menu navigator go to guy!
Dreamer56 Premium
Thanks Michael it would have been nice if I had added the link to the video! lol