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With a bit practice and some direction you can easily edit your fonts background colors and more.HTML, CSS and Javascript are the building blocks of your website. Making changes to the the authors code will enable you to create your website the way you want it.HTML is the foundation of your site. The skeleton not real pretty but very functional.Add CSS and your site starts to take shape it starts to have texture and color. It has a direction and purpose.Add Javascript and your site come to lif
About 2 months ago Robert/Boomergp08 published a post about this very topic. And no he did not post it as a success post. Why ? Because it wasn't.What is it with all of these Non-Success Blogs?If you read through the comments on Roberts post there are suggestions to make the process better. That might be an option but the way it is set up now should work quite well.You can post what ever you might care to within reason simply don't click the green success post option. We were all intelligent en
If you are looking for an autoresponder and list building software package you might want to check this out!.It is completely free for your first 999 subscribers with affordable rates after that. It has templates for landing pages, emails, pop up forms and more.You can find out all about this awesome tool here.Awesome Free Email Marketing Software for Small Business- Autoresponder- Landing Pages- AB Testing and MoreYou Got this! Go Get'em!Until next time,This CTA was created inside this program
September 23, 2016
If you are having trouble with menus this video may help you out. Even if you are not this video may show you some tips and tricks you may not know.We will look at:How to make menu Items open in a new tab.How to create custom menus.How to add your categories to your menu.How to create drop down menus.How to add posts to your menu.And more......If you have a minute please check this video out. I think it may help you out.Make your WordPress Menu Items Open In New Tab and Other TipsYou Got This!
You have have spent hours in research and thought and finally have some content on your site. Awesome good work! We are lucky sites on the WA platform seem to index quickly with little work on our part.Now you are wondering is your site indexed? Why can't I find my pages and posts?There is a quick fix for this. Check your site with this Google shortcut. " Site: "Site:yourdomainname.comWhen you check your site in this way Google will display all the pages and posts it has indexed for your websit
September 07, 2016
Hey Y'allHope you had an incredible day. Mine has been eventful. I finally took the plunge and created a training video. If you would like to see a fish out of water or an easy way to change your WordPress theme check out the video.Please tell me what I should have done differently. I appreciate the feed back.Don't Like Your Theme? Change ItYou Got This! Go Get'em!
Are you ready to monetize your website? There are several good Affiliate programs to choose from. They all have their pros and cons. You can check out:AmazonCommission Junction (CJ)ClickBankJVZooLink ConnectorRakuten Affiliate NetworkZanox EBayFlexOffersThat is just a few of many.With all those to choose from I thine the ShareASale Affiliate Program is the best. You can find out more on the advantages of the ShareASale Affiliate Program here. ShareASale Affiliate Program GuideYou've Got This!
It is quick and easy to sign up for Google Analytics using the All In One Seo plugin.You will first need to sign up with Google Analytics and then add your property. (website) Then you will need your Analytics I.D.Now that your have the needed Analytic I.D. go to your WP Admin area.Click on the All In One SEO Plugin and go to general settings. Scroll down to Google settings and enter your I.D.Don't forget to save your settings!Go back to Google Analytics and view your new account! You are now r
September 04, 2016
I know, I don't want to hear it either. But guess what? It won't be long before we will see Christmas items being displayed in the department stores and advertised on TV.I enjoy Christmas but with the number of grand kids in different locations it is a bit of work. It takes some planning and definitely not to be left to the last minute. Being affiliate marketers adds more work to our holiday list of things to do. But what a shot in the arm it can be. Just think of the increased number of buyers
September 03, 2016
Hey Y'allI ran across this file converting tool that is well worth the time to add to your tool box. It will convert any type of file you can think of.Audio filesImage Files Presentation filesHere are a few screen shots.You get the point. Any file you can think of this tool will convert. It is completely free. The csv file converter is worth the time to bookmark alone. You can find it here.File ConverterYou Got this! Go Get'e'm!Until next time,