I can't come back now!

Last Update: October 14, 2016

I miss this community,but there is no way to come back now, I have some so big problems with one of my children, after some horror diagnosis, You can not imagine the emotions that I experienced, especially after the first wrong diagnosis ,but the things did not stop there and followed another diagnostic worst that the first,I had to run like a troubled and knock on the door of the biggest professors from here to ask their opinion, and finally it was not so.I was admitted with him in one clinic, now I hope he received a good treatment, I must stay close to him until he will get better.I hope my friends from WA are well and doing great.

All the best for all of you and I miss you all and the great work from WA!

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paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Doris - been there many times and half the time the so called professionals are incorrect - Please do not worry as things are always not as bad as they seem - OK
shashe Premium
Praying for you Dorina and your family. Life gives us some big hits but if you trust in the Lord, just keep trusting. God Be with you. shary
Debbi26 Premium Plus
So sorry to hear this. Family comes first though. Prayers for your strength and their healing.
Compsol99 Premium
Best of luck to you and your family Dorina!
BarbaraJP Premium
Prayers for you and your family