A $5,000 Sale Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: June 23, 2019

Seeing some real progress these days, due to all the training I've received through Wealthy Affiliate.

I started out like everyone else, building a site, figuring out how to monetize it, adding quality content. I started out with BakingNaturally.org, which got me comfortable with SEO and all the ins-and-outs of online business. I got accepted by Amazon, Rakuten, then by several vendors through Pepperjam. I expanded to Pinterest (really active for recipes, BTW) and Instagram. I still work on it regularly, but it hasn't yet been a real money-maker.

Because of my training and experience through BakingNaturally, I started thinking about other areas of my life where I could build a site that would be interesting AND make money. My partner and I travel quite a bit, spending months each year in Mexico. We also own quite a few weeks of timeshare, and we never use them all. So together, we formed an LLC, "Cowboy Concierge", where we offer travel tips and post listings for weeks we've booked in Mexico.

Since then, things have taken a huge upswing. I learned how to use MailChimp (again, through training here on WA), and have built a good following via email. We now gather emails from everyone who has ever stayed or rented through us in the past, and we send out new offerings every month or so. This past month, we snagged a two-week rental at one of our high-end weeks in Puerto Vallarta - a $5,000 rental with more than 50% profit.

We are able to turn that money around and book more high-season weeks, again offering them through MailChimp. I've seen activity on the site skyrocket, and rental inquiries come in regularly. I've created a page on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Through Pepperjam, I'm now offering specials to local vacation hotspots like Xcaret in Riviera Maya, as well as travel gear, luggage and mobile wifi devices. I've compared my site to others trying to do the same thing and there is no comparison - thanks to the good training and experience, my site stands far above any of the others in quality, organization and effectiveness.

My advice - don't get stuck with your original idea if it's not making money. If you're a premium member, you have a lot of websites you can fire up at any time. Use your training and experience to start up something else. Talk to friends and see if they need you to help THEM sell something. It's all about paying attention and snagging those opportunities as they arise.

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Palatia Premium
Love this. Congratulations! I believe...

Thank you for sharing your story! Paula
Susana4 Premium
Amazing news!! happy for you,

wish you a Great weekend

RichBrennan Premium
This is a great post about how we can diversify with Wealthy Affiliate if we think 'outside the box'.
Affiliate marketing is our core business, but learning how to build and online presence for, and effectively market, a conventional business is something we can do with the skills we learn here as you have proved.
Well done on your success and may you enjoy much more.
Thanks for sharing this with us :-)
Swangirl Premium
Your story is so inspiring (I saw some of your previous posts). I am so glad it is still growing. It looks like this could be a big business for you guys! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

donco6 Premium
As I was writing it, I got an IM via Facebook from someone who wants another week! It's getting a little crazy. :)
Swangirl Premium
Pretty soon you will need staff! When my husband and I can finally get to Mexico I will look you up! (for a room, not to be staff) :)

Maybe you can have a WA member secret discount code.
AlenkaV Premium
This is a fantastic success story! Thank you for sharing.
Wishing you even more profits in the future.
donco6 Premium
And you too.