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It's that time of year when Dwaine and I are preparing for our winter stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And as I pulled out my bags and suntan lotion, it struck me that I may just have some tips to offer my readers at Cowboy Concierge on how to pack for a warm weather resort stay.After a few minutes on Jaxxy, I found some great keywords to use for my article. I researched a few other websites for some format ideas and to see if there was anything I was missing on my lists. (Being two men, my l
September 22, 2019
So you've been accepted to Adsense and you've placed your code in the right spot. Wunderbar! Now just sit back and watch the cash roll in, right?Not so fast.If you're like me, you've done this: You place your Adsense code somewhere a few paragraphs into your lovely post, and further on you've posted some very sensible Amazon gadgets for people to consider. In your mind's eye, you can see viewers scanning your Adsense and then scrolling on down to look at all the great Amazon recommendations
I can honestly say I am never at a loss for things to write about for my blogs. I mentioned earlier that I make a note of what I see on the covers of the family magazines at the store for the latest "Hot" foodie items coming along. And for my travel blog, I just peruse my mail. Almost every day I get some mailing or flyer from a travel company, advertising their latest sale or promo. They often have whole pages devoted to travel tips, like the latest one from Conde Nast, "Top 5 Secrets to S
September 18, 2019
Well, I'll be. I got my first referral yesterday.Now - I've been around WA for a number of years. But I told myself I would not try to push this program until I was personally satisfied that you really could make money by building a website. NOT by selling more people into WA, but through a website itself. So I worked away, added content, expanded to two more websites, created some sites for other people, branched off into travel and bookings, and then it all came together. I'm getting reg
Do you have a time of year that you find to be busiest in your online business? For me, it's fall.When the weather starts turning cooler, and the holidays start stacking up one after another, each with it's own theme and string of hungry guests waiting for a new treat, it can get difficult to keep up! That's why I create a good calendar for my posting so that I'm not spinning my wheels.I've put together my posting calendar based on several pieces of input. First was a "Interest Spikes Early
Seeing some real progress these days, due to all the training I've received through Wealthy Affiliate. I started out like everyone else, building a site, figuring out how to monetize it, adding quality content. I started out with, which got me comfortable with SEO and all the ins-and-outs of online business. I got accepted by Amazon, Rakuten, then by several vendors through Pepperjam. I expanded to Pinterest (really active for recipes, BTW) and Instagram. I still work o
March 29, 2019
Gratitude. That's what I'm thinking about right now. Gratitude to this great program at Wealthy Affiliate and to all the members who have helped me over the years. Yesterday I made my first $3,000 sale, netting over $1,500 in profit from the rental of a timeshare. With the capital I can now reserve two more prime weeks for future rentals, netting the same profit margin. Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped!It's been a long, slow journey for me. I have four websites now - two I run for other
So, anyone have any ideas on why my Google impressions would be doing this? My impressions on posts are dropping like a rock. And then suddenly there's a bizarre spike. I've never seen this in years of using SEO. Any clues would be helpful.
I've submitted several pages to be reviewed for comments and wanted to give some overall feedback regarding what I've received. I'm glad to say most of the comments have been good and welcome. I've accepted most. But I've rejected a good number, too, and I wanted to give some guidelines that might help comment writers to avoid wasting their time (and mine).First, I'm just looking for quality, thoughtful comments based on the actual article. So you need to at least mention something about wh
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December 14, 2018
Made the mistake up upgrading to Gutenberg. If you want to add hours to every post - and I mean HOURS - go for it. You have to re-learn every single aspect of posting even the simplest entry. My ads didn't work at all for a while. It takes a lot more clicks to place a simple paragraph, and every single paragraph, picture, heading, is it's own "block" whether you want it to be or not. Stupid.I used to run a Varitype typesetter, and this software is utter garbage compared to that - and that