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March 02, 2022
Looking forward to taking my sites to the next level. I always get good ideas and quick assistance from Wealthy Affiliate.
May 07, 2020
If you're new to internet marketing, I feel for you. It seems as if you're being hit with a firehose with all the new ideas, terms, training and advice you are getting from all sides.Keywords! WordPress! Niche Selection! Watch out for Scams! Plugins! SEO! Yadda, yadda. Not that it isn't important, right? I mean, we can't live without water, but does it have to come all at once? And right in my face?How to Slow the FlowFor many years, I was Operations Manager for a medium-sized school district h
April 25, 2020
It's been almost 6 years since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I don't even know how many articles I've written, but it's a lot. And if you're like me, there have been times when you wondered if any of it was really worth your time - especially when you confront a setback. With the COVID-19 outbreak, my travel business has dried up for now <sad face>. I had to cancel my trip to Berlin completely - a month-and-a-half stay dashed! The rest of my plans are still in place, but always with an eye
I'm 60 years old, so quarantine takes on a much more serious note for me and my partner than for others. So with all this time on our hands, we've had to be creative on how to use it wisely.I run several sites, but the two main ones are a travel site and a cooking/baking site that shares recipes. Fortunately, as the one has tumbled in traffic, the other has exploded. People like to bake when they are stuck at home, so I've been focusing my attention there.My site favors quality over quantity. A
Evidently, when people are stuck at home with nothing else to do, they turn to baking. Since the time the virus started requiring us to shelter indoors, my traffic has tripled. I'm curious if any of you have seen similar upswings to your traffic.I'm using my website to help people figure out how to use items they may have on hand, or how to substitute items they don't. For example, yesterday I posted the old "Wacky Cake" recipe (a cake that uses no eggs). It immediately went
Gutenberg, I hate you!Yeah, that was me right after WordPress rolled out it's new block editing/writing tool, Gutenberg. It appeared one day on my posts, causing much confusion. I did try working with it for a time and then quickly gave up. I downloaded the WordPress Classic editor and have been using that ever sinceWell, ever since last week. I finally decided to give it another try after reading some more recent articles about the improvements they've made to it. I'm glad I did.The think I ha
Not being the world's healthiest person (2-time cancer survivor), I decided it best to self-quarantine and try to stay safe. Which has given me lots of time to read up on my baking magazines and cookbooks! I've always looked for an excuse to do it, and here it is.This is one of those times to be especially grateful to be able to Work from Home.I've gone through all my shelves and pulled off all my cookbooks. Some I'm donating to Goodwill or ARC, and some I'm hanging on to. I picked up many of t
I retired in 2013, after 20 years as a CFO for a medium-sized school district. Up at 5 a.m. every day to make sure the buses are running, food service is ok, custodians are stocked, maintenance has their work orders, and all of finance is running . . . I left it all behind to travel and do what I want.But I also wanted to make a little cash on the side . . . and that was tricky. I considered many options, taking contracts to do what I’d been doing (no thanks). Part time job? No, messes up
One of the most difficult elements of starting your own online business is choosing your niche - what are you going to specialize in? What topic do you consider yourself "expert" enough in to provide some useful information to your readers? I find some people stress so much about this that they become immobilized, unable to choose a direction. They think they aren't good enough or experienced enough to be a valuable source of information. So they choose something "safe", but bland. And soon the
February 28, 2020
There's always another lane to explore in internet marketing. Lately, mine has been Pinterest.It takes a lot of mental preparation to embark on exploring yet another marketing avenue. There is always so much work to do, and so much to learn. If you run off half-cocked, you make all sorts of boo-boos that you then have to correct, adding even more work. So I take my time, read, read, read, and then act. Pinterest is really the perfect venue for my baking site, Baking Naturally. A pin is really m