Simple 3 Step Sales Formula That Never Fails

Last Update: April 04, 2018

Dallas here with a simple 3 step sales formula that never fails.

No matter who you are, you are in sales.

If you're married, you did some selling, if you have children you are in sales.

Just in case you haven't learned this yet, if you're learning how to build a website with WA you better know that you are in sales.

Now that we have this out of the way, let's talk about selling from a salesman's perspective.

I have been involved in the direct sales business since my 20th birthday. That was a long time ago, never mind how long - lets just say that I have lots of experience.

Of course before that I was always selling my mother on something, so actually I've been a salesman (oops -a sales person to be politically correct) all my life.

Earning a living as a direct sales "person" can be difficult, especially if you have to go out and get your own appointments.

I did that too. No fun until you learn the secrets to making it fun and easy.

It is the same no matter where or how the selling is done, even as a blogger or website owner who needs cash-flow to stay in business, you have to make sales.

What I'm about to share with you has to be kept between us, OK?

I wouldn't want our competitors to get wind of this.

Let's keep them thinking that selling is really difficult - that way we'll have the jump on them.

All kidding aside.

This simple 3 step formulae can be applied to all forms of selling, so you may want to book mark this short lesson and apply it to your next sales message.

Incidentally, this formula was given to me by one of the great master copywriters, so when he told me about it I began applying it to all my sales materials and presentations immediately.

It works, I'm living proof that it does.

As a direct sales "person" selling water treatment products in Florida several years ago, I was able to sell over one million dollars in household water treatment products in one year!

The average sale was around $3,000, so you know that was a lot of sales.

Whew! I get tired thinking about it, so glad I'm learning how to sell online, so much faster and so much more fun.

OK, here's the simple 3 step formula...

The three step sales formula that never fails:

1. Tell them what you’ve got,

2. Tell them what it will do for them,

3. Tell them how to get it!

See, I told you it was simple... I did not say it was easy though. You must be skilled at all three steps and that comes with time and a little trial and error.

Write the 3 steps down and from this point on, every time you create any form of sales offers follow these steps.

Let's say you are creating some content for your website or blog that is designed to get your prospect or reader to take action on a product or service offer you want them to look at.

Let's say it is Wealthy Affiliate, as an example.

You want them to visit your WA Review so you need to give them enough information that will encourage them to want to read your Review.

Take a notebook and write the 3 steps at the top of the page. Now below the steps put step # 1 on your page.

Imagine that you are talking with a friend and want to tell them about WA.

Now begin to tell them what you've got. Be as friendly and concise as possible but write as many words as it takes to get the job done.

Read it and edit this step until you feel that if someone said this to you you'd want to know what WA could do for you *step 2.

Now you do this same exercise with step 2 until you are feeling pretty good about telling them what it could do for them - remember, benefits sell, facts just tell.

Now you are feeling good about step 2 and believe that if you were told what WA could do for you so you're excited and you want your friend to tell you HOW to get it.

Step 3 is the easiest step in this simple formula.

But remember, write it all down, then edit, until you feel that you would take action if this was a friend telling you about WA or any product or service.

Follow this simple 3 step formula and see if your presentations b egin to make better sense.

This should help ypu close more sales!

All the best,

Dallas McCalister

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Those methods are tried and true. No sense in complicating the process.
DMcCalister Premium
You got that right Jerry, thanks for the comment!
Joshua2765 Premium
Dallas, you've taken a "very complicated" process (that's how salesmanship SEEMS to be to the layperson) and simplified it to the point that even the proverbial caveman could grasp it!

Mind you, I consider myself to be just a bit smarter than the typical Neanderthal, but it made perfect sense to me. That change in how I think of sales will be a big help to me going forward.

Thanks for the insight.

DMcCalister Premium
Thanks Joshua for the comments, yes keeping it simple makes a great deal of sense and having a simple formula for copy writing works well for me.

All the best caveman!

LTMLifestyle Premium
Thanks for sharing.
DMcCalister Premium
You bet - hope it helps with your site!

LTMLifestyle Premium
It will definitely. Thanks once again
Dhawk1 Premium
Great job I made a great living all my life with this three step selling
dchapman3 Premium
Seems simple enough. Thanks for sharing your experiences that will work.
DMcCalister Premium
You bet... Dallas