We Have Hit a Plateau and it Zaps My Motivation

Last Update: March 20, 2017

I was so excited a few months ago, because sales were going up, and traffic was going up, we were on a steady curve. But for the last couple of months, things have not really changed, in fact sales are down. I figured sales would go down from December, but they seem to just keep dropping, with March having less sales than February.

Traffic has seemed to hit a ceiling, staying at just under 3000 a day. It will not go over 3000! It is frustrating!

We have been writing consistently, targeting easy to rank keywords, and still our traffic stays the same.

It zaps my motivation when things are at a stand-still. When numbers continually increase, I get excited, it makes me want to work more. But when numbers stay the same or decline, my motivation gets zapped, I feel like I want to give up, like this isn't worth me getting up at 6 am everyday.

I just wanted to rant a little, and to ask, what do you do when your motivation is declining? How do you keep youself going when it seems like your work is getting you nowhere?

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MoritzS Premium
I'm in the same boat.
Different numbers but they have been the same for a while, too.

Why not take a break from this site and start a new project?
You know now how to build a site that gets thousands of visitors EVERY DAY! That's huge!
Just watch your site and see what happens if you don't add content for a while.
Does everything still stay the same?
That could become a real passive income while you work on another site.

Or do what others said: refocus!
Spend less time on creating content but more on marketing. Social media, maybe paid ads on FB and AdWords.
Add a store to your site, if it fits the niche.

Just some ideas.
dj-drea Premium
I do have some other sites. I have been spending more time focusing on social media as well.
lynnsam61 Premium
I can see why you're feeling frustrated since you're still putting in the same amount of work and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. A while ago I found my traffic started dropping so I totally know the feeling. After I began promoting on FB it went back up.
mijareze Premium
Social media will help...
IMc Premium
Just going off what you wrote it sounds like you;re relying on Google / search engines. So, look for new sources of traffic eg FB groups / Pinterest 9 if it suits your niche )
dj-drea Premium
I do rely on Google. I find that I don't have enough time to put into social media. I guess I could write less content and focus on building a social media following.
JeffBoivin Premium
Hi Andrea

Life is testing you. Face the challenge like you know that you can do, and I am sure that you can win ! Sometimes the rewards are backordered :)

I am not a pro but a student of IM, but I believe that it takes one full year of statistics of traffic and so on and not less than 100 to 150 posts to get a really good feeling about the real potential of a blog. And sometime just a small modification will make a huge benefit. TRUST yourself, your businesswoman feeling and GO :)

Best Regards Jeff