Day 98: October Progress Report

Last Update: November 16, 2014

Day 98
The month of October has been another challenging week to find time for my website projects.

My fear has come to reality where a month came and not a lot of progress were made in building my niche site,

Once again it doesn’t mean there were no progress in my online journey. I have just been busy with other web design projects and other activities that starting to become part of a foundation for creating ongoing income for myself, outside of my normal 9 to 5 job!

This monthly progress report blog has multiple purpose:
- Personal accountability, where i hope this will help me stay focused in my goals to learn how to make money online with the help of WA.
- Give practical information to help other WA members
- Give inspiration to motivate others to continue with their online business goals
- Receive practical feedback from WA members

So below is the progress of my websites I have setup and any earnings made since joining WA.

Online earnings since joining WA

Join date:

10 August 2014

Website name:

Date created:
Mid August 2014.

Online earnings for Oct: $0
Offline earnings for Oct: $0

The goal of this site is to provide relevant information regards to how to order custom made basketball uniforms and other sporting apparel.
In this report I will start including gross income coming from offline sources as well.

I have done zero work on the site as I have been focused on other web related projects.

Now that many basketball leagues including the one I help run is about to start early next year, enquiries for uniforms are picking up and I have a number of orders and re-orders about to be finalised in the coming weeks.

Website name:
Ballers Gear and Tech Gadget Review

Date created:

Mid August 2014

Online earnings for Oct: $0

I have not created any posts on this site for Sept. Analysis paralysis is evil but that is the unfortunate reality of what I had experienced for this month.
I am currently reviewing what I intend to do with this niche site.

Behind the scenes I have joined a number of affiliate memberships.

I have ‘completed’ all 5 WA courses BUT skipped many of the tasks. I just wanted to finish the courses and get the BIG picture of what are to be covered in all 5 courses.
Technically though, I am still midway through Course 3. :-)

Website name:
Pinay Ballers League

Date created:

Late August 2014

Online earnings: $0

As per last month’s progress report, my uniform supply business, Great Awesome Uniforms (GAU) is a proud sponsor of Pinay Ballers League

This month of October I am proud to announce that my business, GAU, is now a proud sponsor of one of the teams in the League! The team I sponsored is called, GAU PacMan Warriors!

The league itself is progressing in leaps and bounds, where they now have newspaper, online and tv exposure leading up to their upcoming season! I’m publishing some of these on the PBL site.

The Pinay Ballers League is definitely proving to be very popular, as indicated by the number of likes of their PBL Facebook page. As of today, the number of likes has reached 1000+ and it has only been less than 3 months since the creation of their Facebook page!

The current season has commenced on Sat 8 Nov and I have been updating the site for new content.

I will reveal some stats regarding viewership for next month.
I would love to find a way to monetise the site to reward my effort and to benefit the League.

Website Goals:

- Provide current information for the up coming basketball season, such as Game Schedule, Results, Standings, Teams, Players profile, player stats (started, this is ongoing)

- Get the president of the club to regularly publish her blog posts.

- Draw as many users to the site. (started)
- Find sponsors to fund the cost of the website. (currently looking!)
- Learn how to charge the right fee for online advertising
My goal include creating online income from sponsors and online advertising. This way I create income for my effort and a portion of the income goes towards supporting the League.

Online earnings:
Total gross online earnings from WA sites this Oct = $0

So here goes another month where no direct earnings online was generated yet from any of my websites created since joining WA.

I have to admit, I am doing too many things and as a result I am not able to a lot enough time to build my own niche site, BGTGReview!

Website design projects:
I have commenced one paying website project. This one is for a carpet cleaning business! (I posted a blog about this. Here's the link:

I am excited that not only this is a paid project but the fee includes a monthly fee to cover hosting and admin support. That means I have created an ongoing income for myself from an online project!

Yet another project is coming up where I will be paid for designing the site, but I am also charging hosting and maintenance fee on a monthly basis! This means I have another source of ongoing monthly income I am about to finalise!

The sites I am mentioning are all hosted in my WA account. Which means that by November I will have enough clients paying hosting fees and web design fees that will more than pay for my annual membership fee in WA!

Total earnings from website design projects this Oct = $200 (deposit for a $950 contract)

Online expenses:
Purchased domain name via namecheap for Pinay Ballers League = $12/yr.

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KatieMac Premium
You certainly are busy with those sites keep up the good work
Christabelle Premium
You are making great progress and it will begin to all come together for you!
kholmes Premium
Keep up the great job and moving forward! :))
discoden Premium
Thanks Kim.
CarlaIves Premium
Progress is progress, Dennis. I have had many, many setbacks in my life and have learned that as long as you can put one foot forward, it will be okay.
discoden Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Carla. I know I am putting myself out there by sharing my seemingly failing affiliate projects. But it is what it is and I think it is good to be realistic and transparent about how one person progress in their journey.
However, I do not feel I'm a failure, as I have not quit taking steps! :-) November will show more progress as I learn to focus on my projects.
Loes Premium
You are a busy person, but don't skip to much tasks:)
discoden Premium
Thanks Eimhier. Yes I am a busy person, as if my mind is geared at 200/km/hr. Haha! There is no short cut to success, and so I am back to Course 3 and will diligently follow the key parts of the courses.
Loes Premium
Wise decision