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I'm so excited to share to everyone that if you want to send and receive your emails using Gmail, the instructions can be found by clicking the link below. want to thank Welshy for posting the video instructions. It was very useful!Why am I so excited about this? Well, in late 2014 and even in early 2015 Gmail was NOT compatible with the email system here in WA. I can receive email into Gmail but I was not able to send emails via Gmail usi
January 02, 2016
It's been 14 months since my last blog update here in WA.A lot has been happening which diverted my attention to other matters. Many online opportunities opened up for me since learning how to create websites here in WA however, completing my niche site has come to a halt.Another 'diversion' was the birth of my first child in September 2015! I've also come to a realisation that it is now even more important for me to learn to earn an income online now that my beautiful daughter, Seraphina, has
Day 98 Introduction The month of October has been another challenging week to find time for my website projects. My fear has come to reality where a month came and not a lot of progress were made in building my niche site, Once again it doesn’t mean there were no progress in my online journey. I have just been busy with other web design projects and other activities that starting to become part of a foundation for creating ongoing income for myself, outsid
I just logged in earlier today to my WA account. Why am I getting so many pop up ads? Also whenever I click any button on the top left menu (eg Activity Dashboard, Get Started Here, Build My Website) I get a new tab but it's just random ads!?! Has my pc been hacked or is it the WA site?!?
October 22, 2014
Minor milestone, part of my goal is to be ranked in the top 200 in the WA Community. I have been hovering in the low 400s but a few days ago I have broken the 400 barrier and now ranked 377! This is important to me because now I can see how much community engagement you need to do to be ranked below 400. Now I can work on being ranked below 300! :-) Things I've done to stay active in the WA Community and keep my ranking below 400: - Connect with other WA members by following them. As Kyle has
I just want to share a recent website design breakthrough. Apart from my goal to create my first niche site to learn affiliate marketing, I have decided to explore the opportunity to create websites for local small businesses here in Canberra, Australia. This is for the purpose of making some web related earnings now while I build my niche site, So last Thursday, 16 Oct, I have closed a deal to re-design a website for a local carpet cleaning business! This is
Day 56 Introduction Oh my, where has the time gone!? What have I accomplished?! As usual, after my 4 week holiday, I'm back to my hectic schedule and have had a lot of distractions which prevented me from focusing on my WA project of learning how to create a niche site and learn about affiliate marketing. My first niche site or authority site is Ballers Gear and Tech Gadget Review, It doesn't mean I have not done anything. As I learn how to create websites
Day 5 Background As per what I have read in the WA lessons, I will utilise the WA Blog feature both to assist me in tracking my progress and in the process share to the WA community some lessons learnt. I look forward to comments from people as I share my progress. I am definitely not 100% sure with how my site will look and how successful I will be in monetising this first site. I guess my MAIN goal is to just go through the process and COMPLETE one site and I'm sure from there, I will be wis
August 11, 2014
To make sense of the world, I often remind myself that "life is a journey". Many years ago, I have set out to find a way to become financially successful. As part of this journey I decided to find that financial success by learning to run a business (or two, or three..) online. Today I have made a BIG step to commit to Wealthy Affiliate by becoming a Premium member to maximise what WA has to offer in guiding me to my destination. Here's to walking together to the road to success!