Invitation Accepted!

Last Update: October 31, 2014

I opened my email box this morning and started perusing the WA emails, when I noticed a subject heading that I have not seen before. It said "Invitation Accepted". What invitation? Did I forget that I sent an invitation to someone?

I opened the email and started reading it. A new member signed up via my affiliate link! I now have a $1 WA credit! Woo-hoo!!!

I have officially received my FIRST sign up from the WA ad I placed on my website 2 days ago, along with an article on Making Money With Online Businesses. To all of my new friends in the WA community - This really does work! If you haven't seen this subject line in an email yet, be prepared because it's coming. Now, onward to the next 1000 clicks!

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TopAchiever Premium
This is a great eye catcher line you've created! It got my attention because I KNOW that it means that I have a WA Credit for someone who has accepted my invite.

Well done and keep up the good work!
Dfishell Premium
Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to many more.
Danig77 Premium
Hi Debbie congrats on your first sale, the law of first mention has kicked in for you and that gives every one of us here at WA fresh hope to persevere and press through. Thanks. Daniel
Dfishell Premium
Thanks Daniel :)
tradercalif Premium
A BIG Congrats from me! Bravo!!
Jawnan Premium
tonyaalves Premium
Wow! That's awesome.