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What is the purpose of setting up a tags? what is tags?

What is the purpose of setting up a tags? what is tags?

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I am working my website and a bit of confuse regarding what to put on Tags, and is really the purpose of Tags on the website?

In WordPress posts we have the option of setting categories and defining tags. Think of categories as the dividers in a notebook. We separated our classes by categories. One for math, for english, for social studies.

Tags are essentially key word phrases. In a math category you might have arithmetic, algebra, geometry.

Think of tags as ways to index sub categories within the category, but also think of them as keywords, and use Jaaxy to find the best tags.

It took me a long time to realize I can put the word "tag" in the "Need help" field at the top of the page and see all the training and all the questions and comments related to my search phrase.

Thank you very much for the info Bill808.

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