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Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival, is held every 15th day of the eight lunar month, which falls on 24 September this year. With a history of over 3,000 years, this traditional festival that stems from ancient Chinese culture is also celebrated by several Southeast Asian countries.Malaysia The lantern parade is an important aspect of the festival in Malaysia. Expect dragon dances and brightly lit lanterns filling up the cities. Over time, Mid-Autumn has become like a nationa
Al-Mubarak to all our muslim members. May this month full of blessings and bring you peace, happiness and prosperity. May Allah accept from you and from all of us and may your prayers be answered. Amen آمين
February 16, 2018
Wishing all who celebrate a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2569 – The Year of the Dog 🐕
MOTIVATE YOURSELFSometimes your spirits are sinking a bit.You don't get it, doubt whether it will be right or you suddenly ask yourself: it's written more often and better by others, why do I need to do the same?Then it's the right time to take some distance, go hiking or cycling, bake a cake, or visit friends who can cheer you up.Or go for a writing course, for example at a college (for adults) or go online.There you will realize that others have similar problems and doubts, and where you can
Start 2017 with a clean site! Goodbye to unnecessary content and duplicate pages. Check your website thoroughly and see where pages can be removed or perhaps can be merged. This way you will not only optimize your website for visitors but also for search engines. Good riddance! How do you deal with the removal of pages on your site?Websites are constantly changing,
December 25, 2016
Holidays have started. Christmas songs on the radio, days getting shorter and people come into holiday mood. The approaching holiday season would not be complete without looking forward and backward.Looking ahead at 2017, I would like to write about online intentions which I also consider myself, both for social media as for websites.Online considerations in 2017It is good to look forward to what is yet to come and to make advanced plans and initiate changes. So we can already put ideas on our
November 30, 2016
CREATE A STRUCTUREEach text has a beginning, a middle and an end.Grab a piece of paper or open a page on your computer and think about the difference between the end and the beginning.It's all about change, development, for what other reason would someone like to read your text?If you understand how your text is going to develop, you are able to determine your starting point.Again this has to do with your purpose and your audience. If you have an overview on the beginning and the end, then you
November 18, 2016
DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCEWriting is communication. As a writer, you give off a signal that is received by the reader. So, be aware of this signal.Such as different meanings of a text, there is also a difference in audience.If you plan to write a story for toddlers it is obvious that you have to use a different tone than for adults.If you write for people who are just interested, you have to do it in a different way than if you write for professionals.Before you start, consider first the audience you
November 13, 2016
DETERMINE THE PURPOSE OF YOUR TEXTWhat is the purpose of your text?Should your text inform or rather amuse the reader, do you want to sell stuff or just want to express an opinion?There are four different types of texts with each their own purpose:Informative texts i.e. an actual news message: readers are moving towards an opinion without the writer's judgment or opinion, they're going to think for themselves, the information is objective.Opinion forming texts i.e. columns or reviews: with the
November 09, 2016
MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS IN ORDERHow to get the buzz in your head right down on paper?The answer is simple: by choosing.As long as everything is possible, the options and variations are endless.Before you start writing, you have to make choices, just inside your head:What is important?What is most important?What to write in the beginning?What to write half way?What to write at the end?It seems these questions are simple to answer.But it can be comprehensive, so take your time to answer them.(to