My brother is gone.

Last Update: January 28, 2018

Hi, Everyone...

I received the news tonight that my brother from another mother is gone,,,

Robert is gone...He passed too soon....

Life is tough...

God Bless You All...

Sometimes things happen too fast...

I am in shock..A state of disbelief...


Live your moments, we know not when they may end....

I love you all...

Dave ....

: (


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Debs66 Premium
I have just seen this and I am a year late. I am truly sorry I missed this.
Dave I have sent you a message of support on your profile page. As Sharlee has told me you are in the grips of cancer yourself.

I hope you are ok. Take care Dave and my thoughts are with your brother from another mother. Also my thoughts are with you too.

I am always here at W.A. and I am always at the end of my PM even if you just want to chat. Thinking of you. Sending a Big E hug too..

R.I.P Dear Robert ❤
gappleby Premium
Hi Dave,

So sorry for your loss. And apologies for just now reaching out. I was traveling, and then moving. Just know the concern is real, though late in expression.

Robert obviously lived a full life. He made a positive impact on those who knew and others. I know that doesn't ease the pain you feel now, but recognizing that truth does help the healing process moving forward. Robert lived life on his terms, took the good and the bad, and changed lives for the better. He went out a winner.

Here's something else I've learned from personal experience that I hope is worth sharing: your brother from another mother's influence on the world isn't finished. Every person Robert touched, including you, was a seed planted to extent his reach. The people in my life who gone on haven't really gone on. Their impact is forever, and continues to grow. We're unique that way. Animals can pass on DNA and genetics, to preserve and survive. We have the power to pass on spiritually, not just for survival, but for growth, improvement, and change.

We're a half world apart Dave, but I consider you a good friend. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work!

The Entrepreneur
DaveSw Premium
I want to thank everyone for the words of support, condolences, and thoughts...Just getting back to work now, Robert will be put to rest tomorrow...Tonight I get started here, more coming tomorrow, lots of stuff to catch up on...Thanks, all of you, you have no idea how much this has helped...Sincerely...Dave : )
Chezbrown Premium
Hi Dave, I meant to do this when I first saw this post.

I was shocked and saddened to read about Robert, my thoughts and prayers have been with you and I am sending you hugs.

I was so sorry when I saw this as it didn't seem anytime since you had just put up the other post. xxxxx
solidgoldop Premium
Loss – Relief – Envy
When a Brother or Sister In The Lord passes, I am always flooded with 3 thoughts: A profound sense of loss since they are no longer with us here, Genuine Relief that their battle is over & they have fought their last battle with pain, & Envy of the position they are in with other departed Loved Ones & Most Of All, They Are With The Lord Jesus In Heaven. This describes how Your Brother’s passing leaves me also.
JY2018 Premium
My condolences to you and brother family on this.

The Lord promises that whosoever believed in Him shall have life and life more abundantly.

Your brother is sleeping only when Jesus is back, He will bring your brother to heaven in the form of perfection like Christ.

So, just let your brother family knows that even though he is gone, but he is only gone for the time being and take a rest from this world.

SondraM Premium
I'm so sorry. I can't believe how fast that happened. From what you said the other day, he was an amazing , fun, friend and partner. It sounds like he really lived life. When I die, I want to be able to say that I lived like he did. He lived.

I can understand your shock. You and all his other friends and family are in my prayers in what has got to be a extremely difficult time.
arielharris7 Premium
Oh Dave, I am so very sorry. I hope your pain will ease in knowing he did his job of being here in the physical and he was so well loved by you. I know he will never actually leave you. I wish you ease and comfort. May you be blessed with the joy of his memory and love.
AlexEvans Premium
Condolences for your loss, Dave, sometimes things happen way to fast, making the most of every moment is the best way to live.
When the folks that we love and respect pass it is sad, they continue to live in our hearts and memories.
Take care and time Dave, my thoughts are with you.
TeamIceCream Premium
Dave, words are sometimes so inadequate. Wish I could rather just give you a hug Friend.

Please know that you and Robert's family are in our thoughts and prayers.

May you find peace and strength to go forward in a BIG way, because of the beautiful memories of the times that you and Robert shared.

Hugs and peace to you!
Chocolate (Sharlee) + Vanilla IceCream
Internetgranny Premium
I am very sorry for your loss and can believe that you are in shock. My sincere condolences.

But also think of it that he is no longer suffering. Seeing loved ones suffer when there is nothing you can do to help is terrible. No doubt many of his relatives will console themselves with the thought 'Jetzt muss er nicht mehr leiden.'
Stella2 Premium
So sorry to hear of your loss, Dave. My heart is full for you and Robert's loved ones.

I was sitting here feeling very pee-ed off with some of my own loved ones. And your post reminded me that there is not a lot of time for that, is there?

Peace to you all.
Oscar999 Premium
Sorry for your lost Dave.
We are here for a very short span and we must use the time opening our hearts to unconditional love, peace, compassion and gratitude. Last Thursday I lost a very close friend and .... does hurt ... but I sat and meditated in the wonderful times we spent together, I am grateful for the gift of having met him.