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Hi, Everyone...Marion Black says it well below in her comment: "Let's not start a Flame War..."My post today is in regards to another post that covers the subject of bullying and more...Since the comment below was deleted I am reposting as is here for all...I spent a lot of time on this comment and I do not want to lose the effort...The bottom line: Marion is right...There is just too much stuff going on right now for us to waste a bit of energy on any kind of bickering back and forth here. Let
Hi, Everyone...For those that may be able to use a virtual meeting room, there is a service platform called Vectera that is offering free Pro access until 1 June. That may be long enough to get through the isolation period most of us are facing...The tool can do many things beyond calls...Video, whiteboard, sharing files, sharing screens, etc. So not only is it a great way to stay in contact with loved ones but also for your work at home. Have a look and see for yourself, free to sign up and au
Hi, Everyone...In these trying times, value is one of your most important assets. You can help people out in so many ways, from the simple small effort for those directly around you to doing so from a 10,000 foot perspective that helps the masses within your target audience...Especially right now, there is a need that virtually everyone has, no matter the niche, no matter where the people may be located. If you can use that mindset over the next 3 months especially, you are likely going to have
Hi Everyone...Just popping through here, it has been some time, so wanted to check in to see how things are going for everyone. Nothing special to say, no words of wisdom or tips for this or that today. Rather, just a quick "hi" to all...In these days when so much is being turned on its head, it is important to not let the "social distancing" turn into social isolation completely. The many ways we have to communicate (to include the community blog site we have here) means that although physical
Hi Everyone...Today I want to discuss the power of nurturing/mentoring and what it can do for you short and long-term as an affiliate marketer...The title of this post does not mention mentoring as the image above does, and that is with reason I added both. Mentoring is a synonym for nurturing, but the word mentoring does not fully encompass the power of the process or the tool I feel. Nurturing is a closer, more personal type of mentoring...Some of the training found within the platform covers
Hi, Everyone...Today I want to tell you about a quick and cool way to get a website created within a minute using your Facebook Business Page as a source for data and a website platform called ZiteCraft.I was pointed to this by a marketer that was reviewing a paid product to do this, and that marketer found the paid product was crap. When he drilled down, it turned out the sellers were essentially copying the idea from this company, and were launching theirs before even getting it working!That
Hi, Everyone...This is yet another short post for you today. Soon I will be able to stop adding this if I keep up with my effort to write more concise and focused articles maybe, hehe? Today I just want to highlight one area of Wealthy Affiliate that I do not think people are leveraging as they could or should.That is the "Follow Me On..." area of our profile pages.---Background What inspired this post was a private message from a member who obviously did look at my links in that area...He ment
Hi, Everyone...Another quick post today...This one is on drop shipping.If you are considering, or perhaps are already into dropshipping as part of your website niche, I have a good and FREE resource for you to tap into for your research.It is found on the AliDropShip website, and is free to use once you have registered (a simple email and password plus confirming that you want access in an immediate email you will receive is required).It is called AliDropShip Insights. Once you have registered
Hi, Everyone...Just a short note today and a question...I wanted to share a success story using the affiliate link that used to be found at the top right of all the posts here. Guess what? It is gone! That clickable icon is no longer available on that particular post!Here is an image:So is this a glitch in the system or are we not supposed to be sharing links to posts that include our affiliate ID?If so, there is no point in sharing any success posts at all as the point (for me) is to draw in t
Hi, Everyone...Today another short article, this one on lead magnets. You may have seen references to using lead magnets in the training here or elsewhere, they have been in use for years, after all...These days people are a lot more sophisticated and their expectations are a lot higher for getting something in exchange for providing their name and email to you.Why care about getting their details?Facts are that most people that land on your website will leave without taking any action, never t