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July 29, 2019
I get asked this question a lot by people I meet, and generally when I try to keep it short and focused on a particular subject it goes better (think elevaor speech). Otherwise they will be sitting around for a long time listening to the many stories I have to tell (or more likely not!).It probably is the same for you as well. As we go through life, we experience many things and have moments of joy and sadness, memories get etched into our minds, and when called up they can bring a smile and a
June 21, 2019
Hi Everyone...Just a quick note to share a 'happy moment' with you (several actually)...I received a notification today that I had received a $198.80 commission in the mail (see below)...I know, I know... A llttle $198.80 commission does not change the world, but it looks good and feels good...It provides a nice bump in your morale and conviction, and every time I get one of these notifications, I get that rush...No different than that first ever $1.87 (or so) commission I made online so many
Hi, Everyone...A word of warning...Another SuperAffiliate is no longer going to waste my time on writing content for their :"super" post comment request...No time for this...The website was "Work From My Laptop", and the comment requested was for a post on links...Here is the stated reason for disapproval:"Your 5 paragraph comment was thorough, but it just sounded a bit unnatural and more of a post summary instead of a comment. In your last paragraph you ended with a very relevant question that
Hi Everyone,We complain when comments are not good enough, when they do not address the subject of the article we are asking comments for, and then, you sometimes get this...Here is a comment I made and a rejection comment to the comment, some guidance from Kyle and Carson, and my final reaction or action...Notice of DisapprovalHere is the comment, notice of disapproval, reasoning, and what I should do better (?), etc....Oops, the following comment was not approved by the person that you submit
January 28, 2018
Hi, Everyone...I received the news tonight that my brother from another mother is gone,,,Robert is gone...He passed too soon....Life is tough...God Bless You All...Sometimes things happen too fast...I am in shock..A state of disbelief...Damn,....Live your moments, we know not when they may end....I love you all...Dave ....: (...
Hello For The Last Time Today Fellow Group Members (plus a big 'hi' to any other WA members who stop by)...This is my last mentoring support group meeting for today. It is also the last group post overall for the members that have signed up so far. I anticipate that we will continue to add groups as more people express an interest in joining the ones we already have or request new ones for subjects, niches, or market segments.For this group, as with others, once everyone has added their answers
Hi, Fellow Group Members (also hello to other WA members who are popping through)...As you may have seen, I posted one formation meeting so far today, and this is the second. There is one more to come after this one today, and we will have all the ones with enough interest started in this initial phase. .Once everyone adds their initial input to this first meeting to get things started, we'll dicuss and settle on goals and objectives for this group. As this process plays out, I will add the res
Hello, Group Members (and any other WA members popping through)...Today I am getting back on track with the formation posts for the groups that have enouh interest from members to get off the ground. These are the last three (I will post two more today) and we will have this stage completed...Once everyone adds their input to this first meeting to get things started, we can discuss and decide on goals and objectives. I will post results right here too and one of the group members will take on t
Hi, Everyone...This post will mean that one group formation post will slide into tomorrow...I can only make three a day and we have three more to post...I felt this was the right thing to do because I have a good friend and partner who is in need of a lot of prayers and good thoughts directed his way...Over the holidays, my partner Robert was not feeling well. His condition kept on getting worse, and it got to the point that he could not work, sleep, sit, lay, stand, or much of anything...He di
Hello, Group Members (and other members stopping in)...This is my third and last formation post for a support group today...Only three more tomorrow and we will have this stage completed...Of coursr, there is a LOT more work to get through before we start getting these groups underway and working, but we are closer with each step...a good thing.For each group, we will start getting nailed down the main needs of each member, how they can work together and when, etc. .As I stated with the other f