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Post NotesWords: 1283Time To Read: Less than 3 minutes. NO need for coffee at all!Hi, Everyone...ANOTHER quick post (really!)...I am getting a lot of questions from members that want to earn some quick cash for the holidays...Rather than answer again and again to them all, I decided to make a short post for the general membership. So...Let's do this...---Five Ways To Earn Some Cash FastHere are five suggestions:(1) Site Comment Feature Within Wealthy Affiliate.If you spend an hour a day providi
November 11, 2019
Hi Everyone...A short post (really) today...Veteran's Day..."Twenty -five years of my life I served, countless memories, good and bad...Twenty years ago I took off my boots for the final time and threw them over a telephone line...Bottom line: I came home alive, again and again...Too many have not...I salute all who sacrificed, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice...💜💜💜" Dave Sweney, USA Sergeant Major, RetiredThose boots cost $100 too, but I was never so ha
Post DetailsWords: 3029 Time to Read: Approximately 6 1/2 minutes...Get a coffee, you will need it!Hi, Everyone...Today marks the beginning of the shopping season, a festival (for me) of 5 holiday sales over the next 7 weeks where you and I have many opportunities to sell gobs and gobs of software, tools, services, and more to the many shoppers that are looking for the bargains that we aim to offer them!Note: I am looking at this happy season as a seller, NOT a should you!That frame
November 02, 2019
Post InformationWords: 2137Time to Read: Approximately 6 1/2 minutes; no fresh coffee unless you are under a half a cup at the moment!Hi, Everyone...Over a series of posts I have tried to lay out a structure for you to create content that will flow nicely and attract and hold your niche audiences. Much of that has been from a 10,000 foot view, which can be helpful so you understand concepts behind writing blog posts.Today I want to drill down on the actual writing process. This is really where
Basic Info:Words: 3310Time to Read: Approximately 8 minutes, so get a fresh coffee and a notepad/pen!WHY AMAZON FOR NICHE RESEARCH?Are you wondering about how to get ideas for a niche or ways to see if a niche has legs (i.e. will make you money)? Maybe you are looking for products to sell within a niche or ones to promote on your niche blog? These days outside of the tools like Jaaxy, used to see what the keywords that will get you traffic and raise your visibility, there are a lot of ways to
Notes to Reader:Words: 2920Time To Read: Approximately 8 minutesRecommended Resources: A fresh coffee top-up is recommended and a notepad/pen! Selecting Your NicheYou are here to learn how to promote products and earn a commission. One of the first tasks is to select a niche...Here is a great article by Kyle that talks about niches for 2020 - be sure to check out the featured comment too (it is mine)... are 90 niches that I inc
Words: 1327Time To Read: 3 1/2 Minutes, Absolutely NO Time for Fresh Coffee!A lot of people look at the blank paper in front of them and are stumped when it comes to what or how to write an article, a review, or a blog post. To get over that it can help to have a formula or template to follow, much the same as you would use for writing any copy. Related: See my last two blog posts for more on this...(1) Using Copywriting Formulas:
Words: 1460Time To Read: 4 Minutes or "Too Little Time To Bother With A Fresh Coffee"Did you know that if you use a copywriting formula whenever you write anything, it can eliminate the guesswork about what works and what does not. It can save you from creating bad copy that will not keep your readers on your pages and website.It also will help make sure that you cover all the basics that need to be in posts. Things like reviews, explainer posts, etc. will convert more readers into buyers, and
Words: 3280Reading Time: Approximately 8 Minutes & One-half Cup of Fresh Coffee...Many members of Wealthy Affiliate may not have had much experience in writing since their school days, so it is quite natural that they would have some difficulty creating blog posts. The SEO stuff you need we do have available in the training here, but this additional information on the basics of copywriting will be useful to some as well. Why is this an important subject? Good copywriting will help you turn
This is a subject that comes up for many affiliate marketers as they start to have success with their online business. There comes a point when you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, and that is when a VA can help take the load off... Note that it does not HAVE to come up, as you can easily create a business that is not scaled up to the point where a virtual assistant (VA) would be helpful, but as you grow your business you will start to see that some tasks could easily be done by others...When