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Last Update: Aug 24, 2018

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I thought I would share this post, really for the benefit of the newer members here, because it shows the value of building out your Wealthy Affiliate Blog.

The great thing is that through the training here, you can choose what you review and you can choose what you promote, that can be Wealthy Affiliate, or it can be Wealthy Affiliate & other ventures you may be associated with prior to coming here, as is the case with me.

You can then choose to promote those ventures on your Wealthy Affiliate Blog, as I do

You would also want to choose Wealthy Affiliate to Promote, because it has, in my humble opinion and experience, premium WordPress and Social Media training, certainly far better than other training from so called gurus and in that I include the individual training by others outside of the Online Course and Affiliate Bootcamp

The reason I mention this is because I choose to promote my ventures on my blog, through a combination of how to & review videos. Its through that combination, that I made a sale the other day of one of my ad revenue products, which amounted to $39.74

This commission goes to my paypal account directly.

How do these sales occur?

Quite simply I record How to Videos, which are short, using screencastomatics free version, though that might be upgraded to either their pro version or moved to Jing, which I am evaluating.

In the video I explain that this is a How to Video and the reason why can be found at my Blog on post X

Reason for this is to drive traffic to my blog. the stats shows it works

Those videos are saved to my desk top, then uploaded to YouTube.

That is how my sales, opt ins and lead generation occurs.

Every Video is only recorded after using Google search & Jaaxy

in fact one of my videos was shown on the first page of googe the day before yesterday.

Why do I do this

I re~visited the training by Jay Neill @magistudios on YouTube

Videos are easy to record,

they can get embedded in your blog post,

They help with rankings

They get you more benefits from YouTube

Tthey can be share directly from You Tube to various other social network sites

You can monestise them

& a whole stack of reasons more

Ad Revenue Programmes are in my book, so easy to use, and earn from.For a few minutes work daily, by work I mean no more than 10 minutes daily , you can earn revenue automatically 24/7 which means you can focus on producing good quality content, that in turn drives your sales of WA upwards

In fact, to give an example of this, while going slightly off track I know, yesterday, I was asked, by a linkedin connection to contribute to another blog, because of my content there thats not the first time it has happend either

Back to the Ad Rev programmes... All of them have been inspired by Google

I use another which gives me great ad exposure and is building up my ad revenue very nicely

Anyway, posted to help newbies and because

Applied Education is The Difference

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Congratulations to you and thanks for the reminder that I need to make more videos.
With Grace and Gratitude

Congratulations! great job and it shows that the hard work pays off:-)

That’s awesome Dave! Congratulations my friend! Keep up the great work. Take care



Thanks for the motivation. As a newer member, earning something seems quite a ways off. But I have confidence that I will get there. Posts like yours helps keep the momentum going.

Congrats your hard work paying off.

Well done again Dave. Great to hear of your continuing success.

Vintage keep on keeping on. Grapes are on season.


Hi, Dave,
that is brilliant and did you know I should have screen shot it, one of your posts from here in W.A. Show up in Google rankings.

Now dont quote me which I just remember seeing but had to dash out and thought I must tell Dave. How brilliant is that.

Thank you for sharing this too.

~Debs :)

Wow, thats news to me Debs, thanks for thinking about me, I appreciate it

I just wished I had screen shot it but had to dash out and this post jogged my memory. :)

Congrats Dave!

Thanks Zed

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