Roadblocks a neccessary evil!!!

Last Update: November 09, 2014

Been busy doing repairs to my own PC and managed to sort out, so now i can continue to build into my business. Apologise for not replying to messages all the time but that's changing. Put some serious time into the foundations of my website and ready to perservere and move on with lessons. "No pain, no gain"

Thank you all for your support here at WA.


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Loes Premium
Hi Daniël, glad you fixed it, greetings Loes
Lady May Premium
Hey, I totally understand how frustrating that is, but what a relief when everything is okay and you can move on :)
davyrobot Premium
Hi Daniel! -

I trust all is well now my friend! :)
MurieB86 Premium
Well, sometimes life happens, Daniel. Some days we can be very active within WA and other days we can't. Consider your fixed PC to be progress, too! It must feel good to be able to fix your PC by yourself, right? Thanks for sharing!
Michelle04 Premium
Hey Daniel. Look at it this way, those roadblocks make us grow and help us to be who we are today. We always look at them as a negative, but usually something positive comes out of it. :) Michelle